Where did they go from here?

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Have you seen Amazon.com’s product pages? Amazon is a great example of visitor retention through recommendations. All of Amazon’s pages have a “Customers who viewed this also viewed”. And how many times have you clicked those links?

Would you like to implement the same feature on your WordPress blog?

Where did you go from here is a feature rich WordPress plugin that will show “Readers who viewed this page, also viewed” links on your page.

The plugin will track what pages or posts visitors on your sites click through and will display this list for the corresponding post. What better way to retain users than to show them exactly what real people are visiting.

How it works?

When a visitor views a blog post, the plugin checks to see if the referrer is another blog post on your site. If this is the case, then the referring post is updated with a reference to this post. And, the process continues as the visitor moves through the blog.

Thus, each post will display a list of links that other visitors went through from here. Hence, the name of the plugin!

You may wish to check out my other plugin Contextual Related Posts that finds related posts based on the content of your current post.

Where did they go from here


  • Automatic: The plugin will start displaying visited posts on your site and feed automatically after the content when you activate the plugin
  • Shortcode: Use [[wherego]] to display the followed posts. For a range of options check out the function wherego_default_options
  • Widget: Find the Followed posts widget to display the posts in your theme’s sidebar
  • Manual install: Want more control over placement? Check the FAQ on which functions are available for manual install
  • Exclusions: Exclude select posts and pages from the list of posts. Exclude posts from select categories from the list of posts
  • Custom post types: The visited posts list lets you include posts, pages, attachments or any other custom post type!
  • Styles: The output is wrapped in CSS classes which allows you to easily style the list. You can enter your custom CSS styles from within WordPress Admin area
  • Fully customisable output: Extendable via filters and actions. Style with CSS or use the inbuilt plugin API
  • Thumbnail support:
    • Uses the default WordPress image options to fetch the correct sized image. Recommended thumbnail setting is the same as what you set for Thumbnail size or Medium size in your Media settings page
    • Support for WordPress featured image
    • Auto-extract the first image in your post to be displayed as a thumbnail
    • Manually enter the URL of the thumbnail via WordPress meta fields


  • WordPress [plugin requires]


WordPress install

  1. Navigate to Plugins within your WordPress Admin Area
  2. Click “Add new” and in the search box enter “Where did they go from here” and select “Keyword” from the dropdown
  3. Find the plugin in the list (usually the first result) and click “Install Now”

Manual install

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Extract the contents of where-did-they-go-from-here.zip to wp-content/plugins/ folder. You should get a folder called where-did-they-go-from-here.
  3. Activate the Plugin in WP-Admin.
  4. Goto Settings ยป Where did they go to configure
  5. Optionally visit the Custom Styles tab to add any custom CSS styles. These are added to wp_head on the pages where the posts are displayed


Below are screenshots of the options available in the Settings screen

[plugin screenshots]


[plugin version]

[plugin latest_change]

Read previous entries in the changelog.


All files and their contents are licensed under the GPL v2 or greater.

Questions or Bugs

Known Bugs

If you have any questions or would like to report any bugs then please use the support forum.


Download Where did they go from here?
Number of downloads: [plugin downloaded]
Last updated: [plugin updated]
[plugin link text=’WordPress.org plugin page’]

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61 thoughts on “Where did they go from here?”

  1. George Serradinho

    Thanks for this. At this stage it just shows N/A. I think it will take a while before it shows anything.

    A quick question:

    Does it track the admin clicks?

  2. Sorry! for double comment, I missed \”can we omitt enitre block including heading, when no post(s) are available?

  3. Thanks for this cool plugin. This would work very well, especially if you have a large enough blog. If your blog only have a few posts, then it’s going to list down pretty much everything that’s on your blog :-).

    Does it track repeated clicks by the same person as just ONE click or multiple clicks? Just thinking that tracking it as multiple clicks would skew the results of this…

  4. Ajay,

    It’s been some day, even now, the plugin is not populating the list. All it shows ‘N/A’. Any guesses, what’s wrong?

  5. Same issue as DG describes. Although having it installed the plugin for a couple of days now, all i can see ist N/A.

    I would love to see it work, sinse it provides very usefull links for the users. Yes wp_head and wp_footer is included in my template. Any Ideas?

    1. Which blog are you running the plugin?

      Can you edit a post you feel that visitors have moved to and see if the custom meta fields has and updated ids?

    1. I’m not sure if this is a problem with 2.6.5.

      Can you add

      function test_footer() { echo 'This is in the footer'; }

      to the plugin file and see if it appears in the footer?

      1. It’s still not working, and I don’t see new meta ids. I’m running WordPress 2.7, do you think, it has anything to with it?

      2. Hi Ajay: Yep, \”This is in the footer\” is shown in the footer after adding your code. Seems that this code snippet ist called correct by the theme. But still no populated custom fields. And: no caching plugin on this blog.

    2. I think you got mixed up with your comment threading an the last reply to Hikari goes here ;-). Yes, I got an error.log file. But it refers to my whole site, which has almost 6 Mio PI/month. That makes it to big to view it directly on my server. If you don

      1. My cPanel installation usually generates a separate error_log in each folder depending on the script. If this isn’t the case for you, then like you said there will be a lot of checking to do.

        Can you run the test on another blog to see if it tracks there?

        1. Might be a plugin conflict. I got it running on another 2.6.5 Blog. WP version does not seem to be the problem. Leaves the plugins which I have a whole load on my other blog and which I won

  6. Hello! I added your plugin a few weeks ago and up until now no post is being tracked yet, all of them keep saying N/A.

    I also added a Related Posts plugin and since then I’ve noticed that ppl are browsing my blog and visibly visting posts linked by that plugin from the original post, but even with that your plugin keeps reporting N/A…

    How can I make it work?

    1. Can you check for the wp_head and wp_footer calls in your theme?

      Also, do you have any caching plugin?

      The plugins are working perfectly both here and on Techtites.

      1. Must admit that I am totally stumped that it hasn’t appeared on a single post ๐Ÿ™

        I’m wondering if it could be because of 2.6.5.

        Can you check if there is an error_log generated on your site and if there are any references to the plugin?

  7. Running this plugin on 2.7 with no caching and no other plugins. I also have N/A showing with no other output. wp_head and wp_footer is in my theme files. Guessing from the similar findings here, I think there may be a little bug here?? Please try and fix, this is such a useful feature. Thanks.

        1. Any idea of a timescale with this? I just need to make decission on a production site quite soon. Thanks-really want to use this plugin…

          1. I honestly am not sure of the timeline. I’ve put this to work on a few blogs on different servers and things work fine.

            I’m working on an easy way to display list of \”followed\” posts in the admin area.

            I’ll try to get a release out in a week with these updates.

          2. You should see a release today ๐Ÿ™‚

            I believe this should track better than before.

            List of related posts will also appear on Edit pages in WP-Admin

  8. Hi,

    I could not figure out, which plugin was colliding with yours, so I hopefully get it to work with the new release announced from you above. Thanks for your engagement.

  9. Hi Ajay. I have the latest versio on my site. So far I can see no output at all and nothing in the admin edit pages. How can I tell that the plugin is working? or not … Thanks.

    1. Do you see the extra column in the Edit posts screen?

      Try browsing through your site from post to post for this and see if it gets updated.

    2. I just checked your blog. The plugin appears to be working perfectly. The only explanation could be that something is blogging referrers.

  10. I love this plugin and have been recommending it to people. However, I realized today that it conflicts with Clean Archives Reloaded (a plugin I can’t do without). What happens is that the page fails to load when both plugins are working on that one page (not a sidebar).

    Is there an easy way to stop your plugin from displaying just one one page? I couldn’t quite figure that out from the instructions.


    1. One easy way is to make a page template and put the template tag for clean archives in it WITHOUT the template for where-go I did this on my site and the 2 plugins work happily. there will be other ways to stop the 2 plugins fighting…

  11. Hi, thanks for this plugin, the idea is great!
    I have installed it in my blog, which I am still working on, but it seems to ouput nothing on the page. I can see the extra column in the Admin area, but it only shows \”N/A\” regardless of my surfing from post to post. On the blog instead nothing is shown at all.
    I am using WordPress 2.7.1 with Thesis theme.
    Is there something I can try?
    I really like this idea.

    1. This is quite common when you first activate the plugin. It needs to gather data from referrers and if your site is not very busy this can take some time. I’ve installed it on some sites and it always works, but can take a few days. Just make sure you can see the template in the page source code.

  12. I just installed the plugin and now when I go to any post on my site, I get a little box that says “Ajax error.” You can just click OK and it goes away, but it’s annoying. Any ideas?

    1. Anything new on this? I am using an apache reverse proxy to access my wordpress site and I get this error on the home page. Disabling your plug in gets rid of the error pop up.

      Anything particular I should look at?


        1. Hello Ajay

          My wordpress site is hosted on a remote server and I am using a local server to redirect requests to it. So requests to mywordpresssite.com are redirected to remoteserver.com where the site content actually resides.

          The problem seems to be that the ajax request from the plugin (I assume to update the pages visited database?) is not being re-directed properly. So it is looking on my local server and failing to find anything.

          Hope this makes sense and thanks again

  13. Angsuman Chakraborty

    Came to your blog after a long time and really love your new theme.

    Does this plugin use Ajax to update the data? Otherwise it won’t work with any caching plugins / software in place. Let me know if you have plans for this.

    Take care…

    1. Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚ The plugin uses Ajax to track the posts. So, it is perfectly compatible with any caching plugin. I have WP-Super Cache on this blog as well as Techtites

  14. Just installed \” Where did they go from here? \” at theskykid.com and am curious to find out its impact on the blog. Thank you for creating this plugin. Will get back when I could provide some more feedback

  15. Is it possible, that the Plugin does not correctly works, if a User read a Page after reading an Article.

    On my Blog the Plugin shows the Text which i have registered under ‘Output Options’ -> ‘Title of Posts’, but i have activates the Option ‘Exclude pages from the post list’

    Hence, appears the given text, although none of the other articles was read.

    How I can adapt the function in such a way which only appears the text if really also an article was read

    1. Marcus, am not sure what the question is. On a post, the plugin only displays other posts that the user clicked to visit from the current post, either through a list of related posts, or from the sidebar, etc.

      Exclude pages from the post list will not display any pages in this list of posts. However, it will still record these hits.

      1. I mean I want that the links to other pages to be visible even if the posts are viewed from arhcive pages. I don’t need the plugin to track those views. Still no ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

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