Connections Reloaded

This theme is no longer in development or supported. Existing users are recommended to find an alternative theme for use on their blog.


Connections Reloaded was a two column, fixed width theme derived from the Connections theme by Patricia Müller.


Connections Reloaded is highly rich in features. A non-exhaustive list follows:

  • Theme options page to quickly configure the theme. Includes some basic settings, comment below to tell me what other settings you would like to see. Current options are:
    • Header options:
      • Favicon
      • Feedburner / Custom feed
      • Customisable list of pages to display in the header menu
      • Any custom code you want
    • Content options:
      • Choose if you want to disable the display of tags on homepage / archive pages etc.
    • Footer options:
      • Any custom code you want
  • Support for gravatars
  • Support for widgets (custom widgets are included). Access it from Appearance > Widgets
  • Custom header images. Access it from Appearance > Custom Header


All files and their contents are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Download Connections Reloaded 3.1

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  1. Do you know that your WP theme is everywhere on the internet? I’ve seen it in so many places. The only negative issue is that you didn’t make it adsense ready, and also you can not put adsense code on the left column which is the best.

    Anyhow it is a clean and great theme


  2. Thanks Nick. I won’t be making major changes to this theme. However, will do so to any new themes I release in the future.

  3. Very nice template, downloaded and will tinker with it.


  4. Electrical Edgar Allen

    Ajay man,

    This is an awesome theme and like Nick said above, I’ve seen this everywhere too. Thanks for providing us with this nice free theme. Much appreciated.


  5. I’ve always loved the Connections theme, and your modifications have made it even more valuable. Thansk very much.

  6. That’s pretty awesome. I like the connections theme, and you have definitely improved upon that. Looks awesome!

  7. wonderful – thanks =) it?s amazing

  8. Nice one! thanks for that i`ll try it!

  9. This was one of the first themes that I have ever used in my blog. I think I will donwload the reload version and reuse. Thanks Ajay.

  10. It is a very nice theme.The Connections theme is one of my favourites.

  11. I have liked connections, so connections reloaded is probably really great.

  12. This is wonderful theme. Keep up the nice work. This will work fine with personnel blogs.

  13. Amazin Theme. I’m big fan of wordpress – I have a lot of wordpress blogs. Thanks for sharing

  14. Lovely theme, Great work mate !!

  15. That’s a very nice looking theme. I especially like the shade of green. It is very appealing and easy for people to read.

  16. Nice theme, thanks for sharing.

  17. This is a pretty cool theme that like everyone else, I have seen all over the place. Keep up the good work, the wordpress community would fail to thrive if it wasn’t for hardworking designers like you.

  18. This is an awesome theme! I?ve seen this everywhere too. Thanks you!

  19. Very nice template. I enjoy using it.
    Thanks a lot

  20. Yes,

    This is a very nice template. I came across it on dosh dosh, and I like the clean theme. Very nice work. Will look forward to your future adsense themes.


  21. Very cool theme, thanks for making and sharing it with everyone!

  22. This theme is very nice, I’m looking for a new one and this works perfectly. Thanks!

  23. I really like the header photo. Where is that tunnel from anyway?

  24. Absolutely no clue 🙂

  25. This is really good theme, suits my website

  26. Hi Ajay!

    I found a little bug in the theme, posted it and the fix on the forum.


    • Thank you. I checked it out. To be honest, the theme is so outdated and given my lack of time to devote to this that I’m not sure I’ll be able to incorporate any major changes in this to bring it up to the latest WordPress standards. At least not anytime soon.

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