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Donation #5

A big thanks to Landi Gjoni for a donation of $30. Below was the note that was left: Hi Ajay, I don’t use your plugins, or themes (yet) but they seem cool, and I like the fact that you’re doing…

Donation #4

Thanks Clifford Mee for your donation of $20. He says: Thanks for the psd file Ajay – I’ve doubled your fund to $40 🙂 Keep up the good work.

Donation #3

Should have posted this a while back as a good Christmas gift 😉 Thanks to Fr. Daniel Sparks for his donation of $5. He left this comment: Thanks for all the WordPress support!

Donation #2

Just received my second donation of $10 from Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira. He writes: I’ll probably stay with your theme for a while and it’s saved me a lot of trouble already, so I thought I may give something back…

If it’s December it’s Christmas time

* Above image courtesy My Yahoo! I should have posted this on December 1, but well it’s finally December and this is the month I always wait for eagerly every here. Well Christmas is less than three weeks away. Are…

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