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    Let’s put the ‘Christ’ in ‘Christmas’

    Christmas is a fantastic season for all of us. It gives us that much needed holiday from a long work year. The gifts on the trees, the sharing and the carols all get us into that “X-massy” mood. But, aren’t we forgetting something? Three posts on IBN got me thinking about how most of us have forgotten the real essence of Christmas – Christ! What makes me say this about three random news stories? The headlines. All use the word “X-mas”. If you use the word “X-mas” today, without doubt it means that you are referring to Christmas. But, does everyone know what the meaning of Christmas? Apparently not all…

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    People in India, Please Take this Survey

    This one’s for my brother’s project. It’s a short survey of 10 questions about your ISP and internet connection. If you reside in India and have an internet connection at home or work, then please do take this survey. It won’t take more than five minutes. Thanks a lot! Take The Survey Survey Closed

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    I will never understand Mob fury

    Around mid-July Mumbai and Maharashtra faced severe riots when a major political party went on the rampage over the desecration of a statue. This time several Dalit organizations went on a rampage against the vandalism of Dalit leader B R Ambedkar’s statue in Kanpur. (Report by IBNLive) This is even stranger than the first incident because Kanpur isn’t even in Maharashtra! I condemn any such vandalism but I really don’t understand what these mobs gained by going on the rampage. As far as I can see it we have three dead persons and crores of rupees lost (read burnt) due to these riots. The mobs have inconvenienced hundreds, if not…

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    Fifty Phrases that Kill Creativity

    Dave blogs about fifty phrases that kill creativity. Some of these can I can and have identified with over time are: We tried that before. We don’t have the authority. That’s not our problem. I’m not saying you’re wrong but… It isn’t in the budget. It’s never been tried. It can’t be done. It’s too much trouble to change. It’s impossible. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. What do you identify with? Do you have any other phrases that you feel kill creativity besides these? Found via LifeHack

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    Thus ends Friday the Thirteenth

    In a few minutes ends Friday the 13th, atleast in this part of the world. Wikipedia notes: A Friday occurring on the 13th day of any month is considered to be a day of bad luck in English and Portuguese-speaking cultures around the globe. Similar superstitions exist in some other traditions. In Greece and Spain, for example, Tuesday the 13th takes the same role. Friday the 13th is also well remembered by the long series of films of the same name. And Snopes tells you why Friday the 13th is unlucky. For me, the day was totally uneventful, infact I actually did better in my mock exam today! So are…

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    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – His Life, All His Works and More

    Now this deserved a blog post a long long time back, but well here goes. For a few who know, I started out in the field of web design with a site on Sherlock Holmes. This was way back in 2000. Over the years, this website underwent several transformations and names. All the time it steadily rose the ranks of Sherlock Holmes websites and today is at the very top of the charts at Sherlock Holmes Web and has been there since early 2004. Early this year I got together with Melody to give the site a much needed revamp. And revamp indeed. Got rid of an ancient frames design…

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    Donation #14

    Thank you Dan for your donation of $20. Says he: Great suggestions, thanks! I knew I could make the changes necessary myself, I just wanted to make sure it was OK to use your theme as a template and give you something for creating it. I appreciate the SEO tip, wasn’t aware of that one :). For the background, Dan contacted me to check out the changes he made to my theme. He has done a good job to make it fit perfectly into his Hardware Blog.

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