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I will never understand Mob fury

Around mid-July Mumbai and Maharashtra faced severe riots when a major political party went on the rampage over the desecration of a statue. This time several Dalit organizations went on a rampage against the vandalism of Dalit leader B R…

Thus ends Friday the Thirteenth

In a few minutes ends Friday the 13th, atleast in this part of the world. Wikipedia notes: A Friday occurring on the 13th day of any month is considered to be a day of bad luck in English and Portuguese-speaking…

Donation #10

Thanks to Kevin Morriss for his donation of $10. Says he: Thanks for the theme. I’ve been using it about a year and just uploaded the new one. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for the donation Kevin. Glad…

Another 26th July?

It has been raining right since Sunday morning, and it has been pouring all through Sunday night to Monday morning. Can still hear the thunder and rain outside as I get ready for work. While I have to go to…

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