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    How has the Financial Crisis affected them

    With the credit crunch having hit all the economies of the world, we’re all wondering if we will get a job or not. Then came the financial downturn of last Friday when markets in the USA crashed. We saw a similar onslaught in India on Monday. So, how has this affected the bigshots? Take a look at it.

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    Is it only seven hours load shedding in Pune?

    From today onwards we have seven hours of load shedding. I’m not sure if this is in addition to the almost 48 hours of load shedding on weekends. As for six hours, the same is debatable. At around 4.30pm power was cut and its almost midnight now and there is no electricity. And, if rumours are correct there will be total blackout after midnight. Will post an update on the situation later. God! I miss Mumbai 🙁

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    Be a Hero for Babies Day

    Mark from Bloglyne.com wrote to me about the March for Dimes project to raise money which will be used to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. They have a goal of $1000 for the year. Do take a look if you are interested.

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    Top Donor #2

    The Top Donor Club, the elite-I-give-you-50-bucks-you-give-me-link club, just inducted its second member. He is Robert Jacobi of Baufinanzierung. Well, the site is in German so I can’t tell you much about them. Though, if you do speak German, a translation would be great 🙂

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    Why The Digg Mafia Will Cost Kevin Rose Millions!

    Digg.com was one of the social networking/blogging successes of 2006, but recently it’s star has started to dim as people have started to question the efficiency of its voting system, that has actually resulted in a small minority, the ‘Digg Mafia’ deciding what makes it onto the homepage or not, rather than the wider userbase. Read the rest of my article on Techtites and digg it 😉

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    The Power of 8 Wishes

    In my correspondence with Douglas Karr today, he pointed me towards Paul Sanchez’ 8 Wishes campaign. Paul hopes to raise $1 million which will go to 100 kids suffering from dyslexia in the form of $10,000 scholarships. This is his first wish. Besides this, he also has seven other wishes. The idea behind this campaign is explained by Douglas on his site. You can also view a video of one of Paul’s wishes be granted along with a link to ChipIn. The campaign asks you to donate only $8.88 towards the cause and make a post about the same. The campaign was kicked off by Paul when he set out…

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    Drop Out of School and Blog?

    Amit Agarwal today raised a very important question viz. Should You Drop from School & Make Blogging Your Career? He says and supports the following statement with two reasons. Frankly speaking, it may not be a very wise decision to leave studies. And I agree totally with him. I started blogging over three years back as an experiment and the experiment continues. Today blogging has turned out be a decent revenue stream besides making me a bit known on the web. (you do know me right?) However, not once has it crossed my mind to make blogging the first and final profession at the cost of your studies. Some argue…

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