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    75% MBA

    As I mentioned, I returned to SCMHRD, rather reluctantly I must say. Spent the entire day catching up on blogging and finally got down to finishing the synopsis for the Finance paper before retiring to bed. Realized I had forgotten one of my hard disks in Mumbai itself, which means a good amount of entertainment awaits my return. Friday was lecture day. It began with a four hour lecture (which got cut short to two) of Strategic Marketing and this was followed by an Advances in SCM lecture. Dinner on Friday night was at McDonalds when a whole bunch of us headed out there. The normally freezing AC at the…

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    A Week in Pune and it’s Mumbai again

    After a good long party, I went off to watch The Day the Earth stood Still on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday were relatively lighter days. Went off to McDonalds for dinner on Thursday. Was so exhausted, that I just crashed after coming back. Friday was lecture day with me attending a Strategic Marketing class. The strategic marketing class so far has been filled with cases which makes studying a pleasure. I hate subjects that require us to learn by rote and vomit it out at the exam. While theory is necessary, it is important that there are a good number of cases. The internet connection at college has been as…

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    Electives Selected

    After intense internal and external debates, hours spent on pondering and an equal number on (re)searching, I finally selected my electives for third semester. So, here goes (number in brackets are number of credits): Finance Electives Corporate Finance – Theory and Practice (4) Financial Statement Analysis (4) Mergers and acquisitions (2) Operations Electives Supply chain analysis design and modeling (2) Project Management (Ops) (2) IT Electives Software project management (4) SAP-BIW (2) Economics Electives International Economics (2) Now, I hope they prove to be a good choice, because I had a really bad experience last semester.

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    I’m being FCQed!

    Well, our batch (except for a few bookworms) are definitely on a rollercoaster ride this semester. Every single FCQ that comes our way seems to be a major disaster. Because of oversmartness or sheer stupidity, a perfectly well going FM paper was set on the path of ruin. Finance students are now in a state of hope and despair! Operations Management is one subject that is also in an equal state of disarray with a lab exam with two questions nobody knew the answers of or were not able to complete it in time! We also made a presentation in Brand Management based on a Starbucks case by Mary Crossan…

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