Electives Selected

After intense internal and external debates, hours spent on pondering and an equal number on (re)searching, I finally selected my electives for third semester.

So, here goes (number in brackets are number of credits):

Which subject should I major in?

Finance Electives

Corporate Finance – Theory and Practice (4)
Financial Statement Analysis (4)
Mergers and acquisitions (2)

Operations Electives

Supply chain analysis design and modeling (2)
Project Management (Ops) (2)

IT Electives

Software project management (4)

Economics Electives

International Economics (2)

Now, I hope they prove to be a good choice, because I had a really bad experience last semester.

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  1. Brave man to choose International Eco after what happened last sem. 🙂

    And three four credit courses… way to go … AG will surely be pleased, esp after your Ops + Mktg stand of last sem….

  2. Well, I realized that Mktg is something I am not keen towards, though was seriously considering that.

    I realized that Fin is the way to go and I guess my minor will turn out to be either Ops or IT, based on sem 2 selection Ops seems to be winning 🙂

    As for Eco, well, last sem you know what and why it happened 🙁

    Btw, what are your choices?

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