• Better Search
    Plugins,  WordPress

    Better Search v1.3.4

    I’ve released Better Search v1.3.4 today. The biggest addition which has long been pending is the addition of a meta tag that will allow you to set the search results page to stop being indexed. Enabled by default, you can choose to disable the meta tag if needed. This should be definitely better for SEO and recommended by Google. Setting the meta tag should eventually stop Google and other search engines from unnecessarily indexing the search results pages. This plugin also adds support for Rocket Loader and fixes some minor bugs in the heatmap. I’ve also added a brand new header image for the plugin listed in the WordPress.org directory. How does it look? As usual,…

  • Add to Feed General Options
    Plugins,  WordPress

    Add to Feed and Add to Footer v1.3

    I released v1.3 of Add to Feed and Add to Footer plugins for WordPress. Existing users should be able to upgrade directly from within their Dashboards. Add to Feed is a feed enhancement plugin that allows you to easily add a copyright notice and custom text/HTML to your WordPress blog feed. The custom text can be entered before and/or after the content of your blog post. Add to Footer allows you to add any HTML or JS code to the footer for your WordPress theme. This ensures that you don’t need to keep adding the same code in case you change your theme. Simply enter the settings once and you’re good to…

  • Better Search - Seamless integration
    Plugins,  WordPress

    Better Search v1.3.3

    I pushed out v1.3.3 of Better Search. The plugin replaces your WordPress search results with highly relevant search results. This version comes with a brand new responsive admin interface similar to my other plugins as well an option to disable tracking of admins and editors. My favourite new addition to the plugin is the seamless integration mode. This mode no longer needs any search templates and gives you results completely integrated within your WordPress theme. This makes it completely compatible with all WordPress themes. This will soon be the new default option for fresh installs. If you use get_bsearch_heatmap manually in your themes, please be aware of the new syntax. The function now accepts…

  • Top 10 Meta box
    Plugins,  WordPress

    Top 10 v1.9.10.x

    I pushed an update for Top 10 a few days ago which brings you some cool new features including the ability to edit counts, set thumbnails and improved shortcode options. Following along the lines of Contextual Related Posts, Top 10 v1.9.10 brings a new meta box on your Edit Post / Page or Custom post type screen that allows you to set the custom thumbnail as well as edit the post count for the post. The meta box will use the same meta field as specified in the General Settings. If you’re using the default field name i.e. post-image and you’re using my other plugins Contextual Related Posts and Where did…

  • Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks
    Plugins,  WordPress

    Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks v1.4

    When Jeff asked if there was a plugin that lets you easily close trackbacks and pingbacks on old posts, I pointed him to a very ancient version of Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks. Is there a plugin that does this? http://t.co/ipk6JAs2ZW where is it? — Jeff (@jeffr0) March 12, 2014 It was so old and threw up all kinds of warning messages that I decided that the plugin needed a massive clean up to get rid of all deprecated code and PHP warnings. I give you v1.4 of the plugin. It has a brand new admin interface while providing you the very same configuration settings. The plugin will automatically close comments,…

  • Plugins,  WordPress

    Top 10 v1.9.9.1

    A few hours back I uploaded a major release of Top 10, the top popular posts plugin for WordPress. This release adds several new features and I have hopefully squashed many pending bugs. First of all, the admin interface has received a major overhaul. It should flow better with the rest of your WordPress interface and should be more responsive especially on smaller screens and mobile devices. I’ve also cleaned up the text on many of the options and added explanations to several of the options in a hope to address many of the repetitive questions that I have been receiving. This release also includes new shortcodes and a better…

  • Plugins,  WordPress

    Add to All v1.0.4

    Last weekend I pushed an update to on of my lesser known plugins. Add to All is a simple, yet powerful plugin that will allow you to add HTML, JavaScript or CSS to your header, footer, content or feed. This update pushes through a major change in the design of the Admin area. The Settings page should be cleaner, more responsive and better integrated in the familiar WordPress dashboard design. It’s also the change that I’ll be implementing across all my other plugins. I’ve also removed Wibiya which shut down in December 2012 and added Tynt. If you’re frequently changing your theme and always worrying about adding your code back again, install…

  • WordPress
    Plugins,  WordPress

    Better Search v1.3.2

    I have updated the Better Search v1.3.2 into the WordPress.org repository and committed the latest version to GitHub. The new version adds a much needed filter option. We’re using Banbuilder which is a cool PHP script that helps filter out a partial or full list of words even if they are spelt leetly. The whole list of changes is below. Better Search is translation ready. If you’re interested in translating Better Search into your own language let me know. If you’re interested in contributing to Better Search and are using Github, then you can fork this plugin. If you’re using this plugin, do consider leaving a good review. If you’re…

  • Plugins,  WordPress

    Better Search is now on Github

    I’m quite a bit late to get on to the Github bandwagon, but it’s better late than never, right? I have had a Github account for quite a while now, but never got down to really using it. Over the past few years, I have received several contributions to my plugins and Github just makes these contributions easier. So, with this goal in mind, I’ve finally added Better Search on Github. It also has it’s very own cool page! Better Search replaces the default WordPress search engine with a more powerful search engine that gives search results relevant to the title and content of the post. This means that visitors to…

  • New in CRP v1.8.9
    Plugins,  WordPress

    Contextual Related Posts v1.8.9

    Have you had a chance to check out the new version of Contextual Related Posts. In this release I have incorporated several features that many users have requested. If you’ve been using another related posts plugin, do check out Contextual Related Posts. It is one of the most feature rich related posts plugins for WordPress with support for thumbnails, shortcodes, widgets, custom post types, caching and CSS styles. Changes include: New: Option to choose between using CSS styles or HTML attributes for thumbnail width and height. HTML width and height attributes are default New: Filters crp_title and crp_heading_title can be used to customise the Title of the posts and Heading…

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