Went to watch Troy today. I had heard mediocre reviews about it, and went for the movie without expecting much.

Picked her up from Bhandup and we went off to Imax Multiplex in Wadala.

The movie was really awesome. It is based on Homer’s Illiad. I haven’t read the book, but a much-abridged story tale version of it titled Tales by Homer over ten years back and hence knew the story of Troy somewhat.


Knowing the story wasn’t a spoiler, but watching the movie brought life to the story tale I read as a little boy.

The movie has an amazing star cast with Brad Pitt playing Achilles, Eric Bana playing Hector, Orlando Bloom playing Paris, Diane Kruger playing Helen, Rose Byrne playing Briseis, Peter O’Toole playing Priam, the King of Troy, Sean Bean playing Odysseus and Brian Cox playing Agamemnon.

The fight sequences were spectacular, especially the one at the end between Hector and Achilles.
Hector vs. Achilles

The quotes in the movie were good with a few memorable ones. I loved the one where Hector tells Paris when he brings Helen back with him on the ship to Troy:

You say you’re willing to die for love but you know nothing about dying and you know nothing about love!

Madam D loved the scene between Achilles and Priam in Achilles tent when Priam requests Achilles to return the body of Hector so that he may complete the proper burial rituals.

The movie is three hours long, but is definitely a must see:O

After the movie, we went to the Barista at Chembur and were there for nearly three hours, after which I briefly stopped over at her place before getting back home.

Had to visit the doc, because my throat pain got worse. I can’t talk too much! That is really a punishment for me:O

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  1. I believe the epic of Homer you are referring to is the Illiad, which is one of the classic greek epics, which describes the adventures of Ulysses, of which the battle of Troy is one. Great site though, good luck…

  2. Yes it is! I didn’t realize I had made the mistake. I have since corrected it.
    Thanks for pointing it out:!:
    Glad you like this blog. Do spread the word around.

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