Flame was Blessed!

Today began another great day! I’m scared I am having too many of them :mrgreen:

Went for 9.30 am mass today. James was asked to read, but he passed it on to me, so I did the Prayer of the Faithful.

It was a big mass, with His Lordship Bishop Percy Fernandes as the main celebrant.

I sat on the first row of church with James and received communion from the Bishop!

After mass, I went up to him and asked him to bless my new bike and he agreed to do so after the inauguration of the Community Center.

After this, I was about to approach him again, when he himself came out to bless my bike. It felt really great that he remembered that I asked him to bless my bike.

My few pals gathered around as he blessed Flame! I am on top of the world!

Returned home after that and did a bit of cleanup work around my computer. Going out in the evening to Melita‘s place. Details on that later.

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