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Let’s put the ‘Christ’ in ‘Christmas’

Christmas is a fantastic season for all of us. It gives us that much needed holiday from a long work year. The gifts on the trees, the sharing and the carols all get us into that “X-massy” mood.

But, aren’t we forgetting something?

Three posts on IBN got me thinking about how most of us have forgotten the real essence of Christmas – Christ!

What makes me say this about three random news stories?

The headlines. All use the word “X-mas”.

If you use the word “X-mas” today, without doubt it means that you are referring to Christmas.

But, does everyone know what the meaning of Christmas? Apparently not all the children in Germany. I read a survey a few days back in a newspaper that this is also the case with UK (can’t find the link).

In the first case children were surveyed and in the second teenagers. I would really love to see the survey results when adults are polled.

Do you know the true meaning of Christmas? Leave a comment and tell me.

As for “X-mas”, that is not the word I use. Always use Christmas. That’s the first step to ensuring that the real reason of Christmas still exists.

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