Site Movement…

Have you ever moved a site from one host to another? While moving a small site can be a piece of cake, a large distributed site can be a pain in the *beep*!

Now multiply that by a factor of ten and you will know what I have gone through in the past 24 hours.


This was also one of the reasons I kept putting it off, but when a site’s gotta move, a site’s gotta move!

I won’t go into the details about which sites I moved, but the reason that I faced so much problem was because seven of the sites were all present under one account. All of these had atleast a single database.

These sites I moved to my own VPS. I had delayed the movements for a few months to check the stability of the VPS and I am pleased with it. It’s just my site that causes things to go haywire, no blaming the VPS for that!

My other sites, including the support forum, have been moved under the reseller account I have with my good friend Everton Blair. These totalled some four in number.

All the work hasn’t yet been done and some still remains. DNS issues are still to be resolved and that should get done once the site propagates.

Next step is terminating all the old accounts and my hosting account with my old provider as well.

While on the topic of computers, a less stressful end of this evening was the arrival of my new 250GB Seagate Barracuda SATA hard disk, this makes my hard disk space 450GB in all. I’m giving my old Samsung drive to a friend. 450GB doesn’t seem much when around 150GB will just go in a direct backup of all my stuff!
But, I’m pleased 🙂

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