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Stuck in a moment

Ever had that moment where you felt everything was going good and that you were going to succeed. But you still fell short. And suddenly everyone who should have been there, suddenly thought you a failure with no future but a sad future?

Maybe, maybe not. But I know I am stuck in that moment now.

Seventh semester results were out today and despite my expectations I missed my first class by ten marks. My breakup revealed marks way below my expectations. In subjects, I thought I excelled, my marksheet told a different story 🙁

However, knowing that the results were very bad this sem and that my marks are better than many others, I am quite satisfied with them. But then again, my satisfaction has never been an importance to anyone.

So today I sit here sadly blogging about the sad state of affairs in my life.

There’s lots more to write! Lot’s of sad stories to tell.

2004 has averaged a bad year till now (with just one Up). I hope my luck changes soon as this is a very important year, which will decide a lot of things in my life!

Anyways, eighth semester here I come.

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