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    Cleaning Up the WordPress Post Screen

    WordPress 2.0 introduced a lot of additional features in the Write Post screen. One was the Post Preview sceen which now loads the entire post as if it would look on your site and this is a major bandwidth hog. Another addition was the Inline Uploading. I still use IImage Browser along with my Open Picture Window Plugin for adding images to my posts. Few other things that you may want to remove are the Optional Excerpt, Trackbacks and Custom Fields and Post Author if you never use these. Mark Jaquith‘s Clutter Free WordPress Plugin lets you hide everything but the post preview. I like Mark’s plugin because it gives…

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    Flickr Pro or Gallery 2? Help me decide

    And once again I get into the great dilema of deciding what do I use to run my photo album. The last time I was in a similar dilema was when I had to choose between Gallery2 or Coppermine. I’ve always been toying with the idea of integrating the photo gallery within this blog itself. Everybody remembers this URL and it makes sense. I can do this with both Gallery2 and Flickr, however with the current installation of G2 on a seperate domain is not possible. This means hosting Gallery2 on this blog, which is something I am not very keen of doing just yet. I had been looking at…

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    A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Blog from Spam

    Blog spam is something that every blogger fears. Spam appears in different forms. It can vary from trackback or pingback spam, comment spam, deliberate harsh comments to email harvesting and spam resulting from it. Spam cannot be stopped. But by following a few good steps you can protect yourself from it. This tutorial will teach you how to protect your WordPress blog from spam.

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    How-To: Use .htaccess to redirect your Blog Feed to your Feedburner Feed

    FeedBurner provides an excellent feed service that lets you track how many users are subscribed to your feed and more. Users can still bypass your FeedBurner feed and continue to subscribe to your original blog feed. While this is not a problem, your stats may not give you slightly inaccurate number of your feed subscribers. A good option is the WordPress FeedBurner Plugin, which will redirect all your feeds to Feedburner. If you do not wish to use another plugin or if, like me, you are redirecting a category feed, (I got one for Connections Reloaded), then you can redirect your users by adding the following code to your .htaccess…

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