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I’m “Flickr”ing, how about you?

Several months back I popped a question to my readers… Flickr Pro or Gallery 2?. I got a good response with people pointing me to both sides.

For me the question remained unanswered until now.

Bye Bye Gallery 2

A month ago, I knocked off my photo album which was powered by Gallery 2. Gallery 2 is an amazing software, but I didn’t have the time to actually maintain yet another site. I wanted to have a solution where I let someone else do the dirty work of running the gallery.

Yahoo! Photos?

Since knocking it off I’ve considered two options, the first was Yahoo! Photos. I love the interface of the new Photos beta. I’ve got my Dad to host his pictures out there. The in-browser tool works perfectly in Firefox, IE and Flock.


About a week back I started using Picasaweb after the storage for free users was increased to 1GB.

Picasaweb is good. The software is well featured, however I faced a big problem uploading photos. It could very well be my connection, since I haven’t seen reports of it elsewhere.

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The Laptop I Bought

It would be more appropriate to have used the word “ordered” but I think “bought” shall pass. I also intended to post the details later but demand for the same has prompted this post.

I’ve never been a laptop person. I find them too cumbersome and prefer the computer with all it’s individual units. However, MBA makes it necessary for me to have a laptop and so I began my hunt for the same.

I had my eye on three brands viz. Dell, Lenovo and HP Compaq. Dell has a shipping duration of almost a month, while I believe Lenovo and HP are quicker in this respect. But, since I had time in my hands Dell was a good option. Have also received good feedback about Dell from two of my friends. Lenovo bought the IBM Think brand so I guess those are good. And my experience with HP Laptops has also been good.

So the main deciding factor was price in which Dell definitely beat the others.

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From Friday the 16th

Friday as usual was choir practice. This time in preparation for Saturday’s Silver Jubilee mass and Sunday 8.30am mass.

Managed to cock up “We are here to praise you”. Guess, I’ve got so much running through my mind now a days that certain older stuff just takes a while to recollect 🙁

Saturday was a relatively quieter day, atleast till evening.

Picked up James and headed over to Holy Trinity Church in Powai. Heading there wasn’t a problem at all because the roads were perfectly clear. Helped because we left only at 5.20pm for the 6pm mass!
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