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    Review: Idrive Online Backup

    The following post is a sponsored review of Idrive Online Backup, a solution that I have been using for several years now to keep my data safe. Let me jump directly into the features of Idrive: Automatic selection of documents, pictures and videos when you first install it Continuous data protection of modified files, compressed and secured via 128-bit SSL transfer and 256-bit AES encryption on storage All files are versioned and never deleted unless you choose to do so Quick search and restore features to get back those files you’ve lost Data retrieval from any computer in any location in the world, even without the software installed Timeline restore…

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    Should I shift from Gmail to Windows Live Mail or Yahoo?

    For the second time yesterday, I awoke to find my Gmail account locked. This is the second time that this has happened. The only notification is that it is locked for unusual activity. The “help” page states these as: Receiving, deleting, or downloading large amounts of mail via POP or IMAP in a short period of time. If you’re getting the error message, ‘Lockdown in Sector 4,’ you should be able to access Gmail again after waiting 24 hours. Sending a large number of undeliverable messages (messages that bounce back). Using file-sharing or file-storage software, browser extensions, or third party software that automatically logs in to your account. Leaving multiple…

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    Two Nights in College

    Have spent the last two nights in college. Returned last morning at around 5.30am and this morning around 6.15am after working the night out on the new College website. Things are going good, though we should have been complete by now. Ravi joined me in the quest. Sat for two lectures today after almost two days gap; most of which was spent in front of my laptop in the Admissions room, except for breaks for food and nature and seven hours of sleep in the 48 hours. I’m zonked today and though tomorrow is the holiday for our vendor, however, we don’t have a luxury of holidays out here in…

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    Do you Twitter?

    I signed up for Twitter a month back, but haven’t bothered to keep in touch with the program. Rishi told me today that he’s tracking my updates via Twitter, so am throwing up this question to all my readers if you Twitter. If you do, how do you update your status? Would you track my updates? You can add me at http://twitter.com/ajaydsouza Or simply send FOLLOW AJAYDSOUZA to [email protected] from your GTalk ID.

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    The Baby is Here

    Have been waiting a good deal and definitely didn’t expect it to land here so early, but as I mentioned my laptop arrived yesterday. And as I was really anxious to get started on it, I called up Dell and asked them to send an engineer over today itself. He came over and completed the installation and checked the entire system. Dell has a nice diagnostic CD that checks everything. Windows Vista Home Basic Edition seems to be decent so far. I was a little irritated that the C: is 100GB and the inbuilt shrinker didn’t work. It’s great that I will have (in another 12 hours) an external 120GB…

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    Planet Ajay served Piping Hot!

    About a week back I created a new feed that collates five of my feeds. This was done with the help of FeedBlendr. It is a good service, but there is a lot of room for improvement. The feed work but it seemed to give a problem with Feedburner. I decided to give Yahoo! Pipes a shot as I originally intended to. The interface is easy to use but it doesn’t look at all welcoming. I haven’t let a single interface to this date benumb and I don’t intend to let Yahoo! Pipes be the first! Got down to understanding how Yahoo! Pipes actually works and I was shocked to…

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    I’m “Flickr”ing, how about you?

    Several months back I popped a question to my readers… Flickr Pro or Gallery 2?. I got a good response with people pointing me to both sides. For me the question remained unanswered until now. Bye Bye Gallery 2 A month ago, I knocked off my photo album which was powered by Gallery 2. Gallery 2 is an amazing software, but I didn’t have the time to actually maintain yet another site. I wanted to have a solution where I let someone else do the dirty work of running the gallery. Yahoo! Photos? Since knocking it off I’ve considered two options, the first was Yahoo! Photos. I love the interface…

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    The Laptop I Bought

    It would be more appropriate to have used the word “ordered” but I think “bought” shall pass. I also intended to post the details later but demand for the same has prompted this post. I’ve never been a laptop person. I find them too cumbersome and prefer the computer with all it’s individual units. However, MBA makes it necessary for me to have a laptop and so I began my hunt for the same. I had my eye on three brands viz. Dell, Lenovo and HP Compaq. Dell has a shipping duration of almost a month, while I believe Lenovo and HP are quicker in this respect. But, since I…

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    From Friday the 16th

    Friday as usual was choir practice. This time in preparation for Saturday’s Silver Jubilee mass and Sunday 8.30am mass. Managed to cock up “We are here to praise you”. Guess, I’ve got so much running through my mind now a days that certain older stuff just takes a while to recollect 🙁 Saturday was a relatively quieter day, atleast till evening. Picked up James and headed over to Holy Trinity Church in Powai. Heading there wasn’t a problem at all because the roads were perfectly clear. Helped because we left only at 5.20pm for the 6pm mass!

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    Why The Digg Mafia Will Cost Kevin Rose Millions!

    Digg.com was one of the social networking/blogging successes of 2006, but recently it’s star has started to dim as people have started to question the efficiency of its voting system, that has actually resulted in a small minority, the ‘Digg Mafia’ deciding what makes it onto the homepage or not, rather than the wider userbase. Read the rest of my article on Techtites and digg it 😉

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