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    Over 500 downloads in 3 days

    I pleased to say that I have had over 500 downloads my new release of the Snap Shots plugin in the last three days. This is definitely my faster and largest downloaded product ever! And to give you a heads up, there is a new release of the same coming in the next month that will include complete internationalization as well as support for language customization. Are you using Snap Shots on your blog? Do blog about it with your experiences and link back here.

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    1000 for Open Picture Window; 20,000 in all.

    My plugin Open Picture Window just crossed 1000 downloads. I also crossed 20000 downloads on this site. Of these more than 25% are due to my theme while 15% of these have been due to the Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin. Thanks for all the users who have been downloading and using the themes and plugins so actively. And thanks to all the users who have donated. And those who would like to, the sidebar is the best place to look at just now 😉

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    6000 Download old

    Connections Reloaded today crossed 6000 downloads. And that is counting downloads only from this website. There are other theme sites where this is being downloaded from and I have absolutely no track of those numbers. Thanks to everyone who is using this theme. If you love the theme, please do consider a financial contribution. Have you made changes to the theme? And would you like to show off? Comment and tell me about it.

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    Downloads should be working now

    My download counter broke today. The counter uses a flat file to store the clicks and links. With the high volume of downloads that I received today the file got corrupted and as a result the downloads gave an ID error. I’ve restored a backup, which means unfortunately I lost a lot of counts 🙁 Anyway, it should be functional now. I plan on shifting to a counter that uses mySQL database or alternatively just write a plugin for the same. Don’t know the time frame. Need to brush up my PHP skills first 😉

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    Have just created a new category on this blog, which shall contain posts exclusively about some of the best apps out there. And let me inaugurate this category with one such software I cannot live without. It goes by the name Notepad++ and it could very well have been called Notepad++++ !!

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    5000 for Connections Reloaded

    Connections Reloaded today crossed 5000 downloads. I am sure there are a lot more unaccounted for downloads from various other theme sites hosting my theme. Am glad that this theme has found favour with the WordPress Community. For all you users out there. Thanks for making this theme so successful. If you love the theme, please do consider a financial contribution.

  • Computers & Technology,  Plugins,  Themes,  WordPress

    10000+ downloads served

    I have been tracking downloads on this blog from 4th of July 2005 and was really delighted to find that I have served over 10000 downloads to date. Stats as follows: Total Downloads: 17 Total clicks: 10036 Average clicks per link: 590.4 Of these, the plugins have three links each, while my themes have one. Connections Reloaded leads the download count with nearly 3700 downloads. Bad Behavior Stats Plugin follows with 2358 downloads. Both Transpose Email and Open Browser Window have over 1000 downloads and even my new plugin Open Picture Window has 220 downloads from April 1!! Thanks to all of you out there who have liked what I…

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