Downloads should be working now

My download counter broke today. The counter uses a flat file to store the clicks and links.

With the high volume of downloads that I received today the file got corrupted and as a result the downloads gave an ID error.

I’ve restored a backup, which means unfortunately I lost a lot of counts 🙁

Anyway, it should be functional now. I plan on shifting to a counter that uses mySQL database or alternatively just write a plugin for the same.

Don’t know the time frame. Need to brush up my PHP skills first 😉

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  1. I didn’t even get a feeling that you track all click, your link seemed like a no counter one.

    Anyway, Thanks for that link 😉

  2. I track only the downloads on my site.

    I’ve modified the code in the counter to lock the file to prevent this happening. No crashes so far, but a regular backup is what I am doing.

    Lost of a lot of clicks in the downtime 🙁

    Ohh, and I’m using mod_rewrite for the downloads.

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