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    Mumbai calling 2011

    I booked my tickets to come to Mumbai last month, when my plans for a trip to the USA and Canada fell apart due to my crazy work schedule. My past two trips have been on British Airways, but this time I booked tickets for our very own Jet Airways. I booked a cab to the airport and reached Heathrow Terminal 4 with time to spare. I must admit that I missed the awesomeness of Terminal 5. The flight was very comfortable, though I did feel the service was all over the place. The flight was a good 10 hours with minimal turbulence and I did catch up on some…

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    A Busy Christmas Week

    Been tied down all of this week with either gallivanting or working on my technology blog. So, here is a day-by-day summary of the last week or so. 25th December It’s Christmas day. Because of the Terror Attacks in Mumbai [Photos], almost all places in Mumbai canceled their Christmas dances. Not that I went out a lot, but this time we decided to just have a quiet dinner. 26th December I had planned in advance to dedicate this day to technology shopping, which is exactly what I did. Took a trip to my vendor in Lamington Road. Picked up a DVD Writer and a 500GB WD Elements, a 6-cell battery…

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    Two down, Six to Go, Vacations till then

    Finished off my FSA paper on 23rd and awoke early Saturday morning for some last minute preparations for the SAP-BIW paper. This turned out to be a very comfortable paper to write in 90 minutes. Had a quick breakfast and got down to packing for my journey to Mumbai. I love travelling light and infact that is what I did. Picked up my laptop and a few essentials and caught an extremely crowded 11.15am bus from college to Aundh. Was fortunate enough to get a Metrolink volvo to Dadar immediately. Ticket prices were hiked considering that everyone is rushing to Mumbai for their Diwali vacations. The bus was quick and…

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    Two Years, Four Years, Two Months

    Had dinner at Sheesha which is on the terrace of Shopper’s Stop in Bandra. The place is dark and expensive. Food was good. So no complains. While we were there, the skies decided to open up and Mumbai got its taste of the monsoons this year. It poured cats and dogs for well over 30 minutes. I decided to spend the night at my Grandma’s place in Bandra itself. Came back home in the morning to find my internet down as usual. Went to work only by 2pm. With just a few days to go, it wasn’t such an issue đŸ™‚ My darling Flame turned four on the 4th of June.…

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    At Grandma’s and Gondola’s

    It has been a while that I have gone out and it sure has been a while since I visited my Grandmom, so decided to spend Wednesday at her place. As has become a trend, my internet was down in the morning (actually since the previous night) which basically meant that I couldn’t do any of my normal blogging that I had intended. Set off at 11, dropped in at the internet guys… established nothing… and then continued the journey. Travelling to Bandra is getting really irritating now-a-days because of the traffic which is same at any point of the day! Reached there after noon. Had originally intended to pickup…

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    My Grandma (mom’s mom) turned 75 on May 9th and I am really surprised that my uncle succeeded in convincing her to have a party. The party was held at Seaside Hotel in Juhu. Had an adventure on my way home from work that day and we were able to reach the hotel only post 8pm. A good number of those in my family were already present there. Met my few young cousins after a long long time. The little ones are so cute! The party was like our usual family parties. No dancing, mainly starters, dinner and desert. Ofcourse my grandma did cut her birthday cake after a lot…

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    At Grandma’s

    As I posted below, I went over to my Grandmom‘s place on Monday night. Spent the whole of Tuesday there and returned home this morning. There isn’t really much to do there except watch a lot of TV and indeed I did that! Tuesday evening went over to Melody‘s house to fix her comp as usual. Haven’t read her blog and so her new “baby” alsation (didn’t look like a baby to me) came as a major shock. To be honest, I’m terrified of dogs and in the two years that I have known her, I have kind of become used to having her three dogs around. Well, Tanner is…

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