A good day and a better tomorrow

Awoke at 6am as usual for mass, but couldn’t make it because James decided to run off earlier without informing me!

Returned home, was too damn sleepy and not in the best of health, so I had to cancel out on Sachin’s treat. They must have been really bugged, will make sure I meet them sometime soon.

Slept the whole afternoon out. Left for choir practise around 8 and met all the girls who have finally returned. Also met Sue and dropped her off to Takshila, before I returned for practise.

Melody‘s called me up and I will be spending the entire with her, working on the websites Glorify God and M-Center. So I know, tomorrow will be fun.
She’s even given me her kinetic to use till I get my bike.:grin:

Choir practise was amazing! We learnt a new hymn. Had amazing convos with Madam A and Amrita and as usual took the case of Anne. She’s back. Did we miss her ;):O

Will drop mom off to BKC before going off to Mell’s place. All the best mom!

Will go to sleep early today, if I have to have a non-sleepy day tomorrow!

Have shifted to the 24 hour internet plan from tomorrow :grin:, so am going to be perpetually online:O

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