It’s a Small World!

When I am bored, I usually get onto Yahoo! Chat.

During one of these bouts online, I met a Chauntelle who I started chatting with whenever she was online. Being an air hostess she was never usually online.

Over a period of time, I realized she wasn’t really into chatting and the last straw came when she stopped responding to my messages about 2 weeks back.

Being the person I am, I deleted her name of my list never expecting to have anything to do with her.

Untill today…

I was on chat once again and met a Lynelle, who also happened to be an air hostess. At the very start of the conversation, I found out that she was the sister of Chauntelle’s fiance:O A really small world indeed. I can know for sure that it’s true, because she knew my id I used with Chauntelle and I was using a different one with her.

Chatted quite a bit (though the conversation was only about Chauntelle) until she went offline a few minutes.
Don’t really expect to meet her online again, but I thought so earlier, so options are always open.

Just thought I should update my blog with such a weird incident:-S

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