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I reported that the links to my plugins and theme were throwing up ID not exists error. The reason is that I have been using a simple download tracking script called PHP click counter for this purpose. It uses a flat-file database instead of mysql for tracking the counts. Sadly, it does have a problem of corrupting the mysql. I used to face this problem a lot at the start, until I modified code to include file locking. It’s worked fine for a few years until two days back.

Anyway, since I moved most of my plugins to the repository, I decided to do away with the script and link to the download file directly. This required editing of a huge number of posts and pages to point to the new link.

I have updated the links on almost all of these. You will continue to notice this error on a few plugins that don’t have their repository page, but I intend to get these fixed by the end of this week.

If you do notice download links not working, please drop in a comment or email, so that I can get it fixed ASAP.

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