It’s December!

It’s been a long time since my last post.

The last week has be rather long. Just been doing a lot of reading up work. Waited anxiously for the weekend, for the Goan Association get-together.

Went off to Melody’s place on Saturday. Left early afternoon itself, as I wanted to get back home and get ready for the evening.

Polished my shoes clean, put on my suit (have to buy a new one soon) and off I went to reach church in time.
Reached there and tragedy struck! Hit my lip badly on chotu Clayton’s head, so I had a nice bleeding lip which soon swelled up. Went around telling everyone that I now have a quarter of Angelina Jolie’s lip.

Mass was good, but since I don’t know Konkani, it was pretty much unintelligent. The party began immediately after mass, without our mandatory wedding march (though it wasn’t a wedding), followed by a little of slow music and some jive.

Played a little bit of housie (didn’t win anything), had some snacks and then got up to distribute raffle tickets among the crowd. It wasn’t very long before I filled all 56 entries on the sheet (could have filled more).

Dinner was good, followed by vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce. Had a good deal of it, because fortunately for me, everybody doesn’t like to eat cold ice cream in the cold weather 🙂

So, a good end to a good Saturday.

Sunday was rather dull and boring. Sat at home all day and did some cleanup work on my PC as usual. My internet connection sucks during the day, so it is rather irritating. It pisses me off because I just can’t find anything good enough in the place I live X(

Monday was back to work and on Monday evening, I managed to get a catch in my back. Still went off for practice and work the next day. However, the pain did get kinda unbearable so took the day off on Wednesday.
Back to work today, even though my neck still hurts. Just another day left before, I get the weekend and can rest a bit.

Am enjoying work a lot, so I don’t really mind the days. Work helps me keep my mind of things and I do get paid, don’t I? 😀

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