• Personal

    The trip to Mumbai

    For the past two years, I’ve made it a point to come down to Mumbai from Pune to celebrate my birthday. Just because I was in Bangalore, it doesn’t mean I would let this change! So, once again I booked my tickets via Go Air. However, this time it wasn’t a Rs.3,000 return as I got it last month. It was a full 2k more and well, it is well worth it! I booked the Airlift, which is a really good investment when you are travelling to Bangalore airport which is a good 50+ km from city-limits. My mistake was that I booked the cab for 8am, which arrived earlier…

  • Personal

    Finally on a fast internet connection

    I had mentioned last week that we had our new BSNL telephone connection installed. This was the first step to getting an internet connection. It was supposed to come this week and we agreed to “speed” up the process by actually going and picking up the modem ourselves. Our first visit today was to the ICICI bank in Koramangala to make a demand draft to pay my road tax. The draft did get made, but the tax did not get paid, because our agent was out of town. So, once again, this has been postponed to next week 🙁 After a good amount of searching, we finally found the telephone…

  • Personal,  Work

    Off to Bengaluru

    If you?re reading this post, I?m already on the plane or maybe even in Bangalore. If you?ve been following this blog for a while, you?d know that I got placed through my college last November. As required by the job, I have to relocate to the city of Bangalore and the time has finally come for it. This is in fact the first time I?ve ventured out of the safety of Mumbai into the unknown. Two years back when I set out to do my MBA in SCMHRD, Pune, I knew that I had everything planned and fixed with no need to worry about food, clothing or shelter. This time,…

  • College,  Personal

    Room 103 – All Placed!

    Those of you following me on Twitter would have seen a status message that read: Room 103 is the first room in college to get placed. Akshat and me were place by November 25 and late last Thursday night, we got the good news that Aditya too was placed. In fact he’s got an excellent job with one of the highest salaries in campus 🙂 And, we are a hungry group. So, we booked a cab on Friday night and headed out to Stone Water Grill in Koregoan Park. This was recommended to us by a friend and it was a first visit to the place. Turned out to be…

  • College

    Lost in SCMHRD Work

    Just a short note to say that I am alive (atleast for now). Life here is hectic and we have been constantly getting only 4-5 hours of sleep every night… can be a pain in lectures… I’ll try making a detailed post sometime soon. As of now my datacard is disabled so I can’t get online in the hostel, all thanks to the highly inefficient Reliance customer care! They sure can be a real pain in the ***

  • Personal,  Travel

    Goa Travels: Day 3 – At Home

    After two travelling days in Goa, we didn’t have any plans for the third day and so decided to take the day off and recuperate. We spent the whole morning and afternoon at home, though Crispin and Ruth did pay a visit to the fields which two of us visited later. You must note that I am and have been a city boy all my life, and definitely have OCD when it comes to keeping myself clean! So, walking through a cow dung ridden field was pretty much a major nightmare for me. The fields were huge, stretching in all directions. They aren’t normally this green at this time of…

  • Personal

    Problems with my Internet

    Have been facing really pathetic internet connections this past two days. As per my experience with Exatt, when it is down it is down and when it works it works. Will admit that the uptime has improved considerably the past few months, but I think they are going back into the pit again. The last time I faced a major problem was back in July. This time, the net went down on Wednesday night. It connected perfectly but there was some problem from their server … gateway failure they called it. Usuall this gets resolved quickly, but this time it didn’t get resolved till yesterday (Thursday) evening, or so we…

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