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    Transpose Email now on WordPress Extend

    I have uploaded my lesser known email spam fighting plugin Transpose Email to WordPress Extend. So, now you can download and install and update the plugin from within WordPress Admin area itself. Actually, the plugin has been lying neglected in the repository for several years now, before the directory even existed! However, it definitely wasn’t in usable form. I’ve rearranged the files and deleted the useless ones and the download is perfectly ready now. Transpose Email plugin allows you to use JavaScript to create an encoded link. Clicking that link will trigger the user’s email client to open and create an email. Download the plugin or read more about customizing…

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    Auto-Close updated to v1.2

    I have updated my plugin Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks with one feature addition. You can now choose to delete post revisions. Selecting this option will delete all post revisions in your WordPress database. Post Revisions were introduced in version 1.6 and in my opinion are absolutely useless unless you operate your blog as a wiki. But, do you? I also fixed a minor bug where the scheduled cron was not deleted when you reset the plugin settings to default. Lastly, the plugin now comes with its own uninstall code. Deleting the plugin from the Plugins screen of WP-Admin will delete all options from the database. Existing users can upgrade…

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    WP-Plugin: Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks

    From my experience, one thing that most spammers do is try to post comments, pingbacks or trackbacks on your extremely old posts. If you are not monitoring the comments, pingbacks or trackbacks on your site properly, you will not even realize that these have been posted. Many a times, you would not want anyone to post a comment or a pingback on an extremely old post, especially on personal blogs. WordPress has no inbuilt system of closing comments on old posts. This is where the plugin steps in. Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks will close comments, pingbacks and trackbacks on your post automatically at intervals set by you. You can…

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    Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image Plugin for WordPress

    Following Thilak’s results, I installed Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image Plugin for WordPress to test. I’m much against the idea of using Captcha for my blog, because of the problems with accessibility. However, of late I have been getting a lot of spam. Even though Bad Behavior has blocked 10000+ access attempts in the last seven days, a good portion of spam has been getting through. This has been caughty by Spam Karma 2 successfully. However, they are still getting through and still consuming bandwidth. Hence, I felt the need of installing Peter’s plugin. Thilak has found the amount of spam being blocked reducing from 1000 to around 5 a day.…

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    My Mail is now hosted with Google

    After having thought about it a while I’ve decided to use Google Apps for Your Domain for AjayDSouza.com. I have already been using Google Apps to manage WebberZone email for a while now, and now AjayDSouza.com 🙂 What this means is now I have a 2Gb Email account, which has all the features of Gmail (which IMO is second only to Yahoo! Mail). This is very useful because I can take a considerable load of my VPS. I have also found that Gmail’s anti-spam tools are a lot better than SpamAssassin. I also have complete POP and SMTP access if I need to download any email. I can also use…

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    Are you having troubles commenting?

    I’ve been receiving a few reports lately about users having problem while writing comments on this blog. These problems have been of two kind. First being your comments landing in the spam bin. I am not sure why this has been happening. Also, it has been rare. I’ve been going through the Spam comments anyway to check if any genuine comment has landed in there. In case your comment does land up in the spam bin please do write to me and inform me of the same. The second problem has been a “zero data received” or a “cannot find server” or similar error whenever you try to submit a…

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    A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Blog from Spam

    Blog spam is something that every blogger fears. Spam appears in different forms. It can vary from trackback or pingback spam, comment spam, deliberate harsh comments to email harvesting and spam resulting from it. Spam cannot be stopped. But by following a few good steps you can protect yourself from it. This tutorial will teach you how to protect your WordPress blog from spam.

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    Bad Behavior Stats v2.1

    I have just released the Bad Behavior Stats plugin v2.1 Updates since the last release. Link to Bad Behavior homepage fixed Title attributes added to the BBStats and Bad Behavior Links New variable %totalcount% added for displaying total number of access attempts if verbose logging is enabled. Now, admin functions and wp-dash functions are only declared if on the admin page and if wp-dash is installed respectively, thereby saving on processing time. Read more and download the plugin>>

  • Blogging,  Plugins,  WordPress

    Bad Behavior Stats v2.0

    I have just released the Bad Behavior Stats plugin v2.0 Updates since the last release. Plugin now works with Bad Behavior 1.x and 2.x Only counts the number of blocked attempts. Number of blocked attempts can now be viewed under Options >> BB Stats as well. Few miscellaneous fixes Read more and download the plugin>>

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