• Plugins,  WordPress

    Add to Feed WordPress Plugin updated to v1.1

    I have updated my plugin Add to Feed. Add to Feed is a simple feed enhancement plugin that allows you to add custom text or HTML to posts in your WordPress blog feed. You can add text before the content and/or after the content as well as a copyright message. All these can be customized. As per user requests, I’ve added another feature to the plugin. The plugin now displays a link to the post in the feed. Henceforth, if someone scrapes your feed, then atleast you will get a link back. It will also help you track down any offenders because you would most likely get a pingback /…

  • Plugins,  WordPress

    Open Picture Window updated to v1.5.1

    I’ve updated my Open Picture Window WordPress plugin with a minor change in the JavaScript. Now, clicking on the picture in the opened window will close the window. Existing users of this plugin can upgrade to the latest version from within the WordPress admin area itself. For those unaware, the plugin allows you to open a new browser window containing the image specified using JavaScript. You have the option to choose the features as well as choose if you want it to be centered. Read more or download Open Picture Window plugin from the plugin repository.

  • Site Activity

    VPS Moved

    I’ve been plagued with comment posting problems for a long long time now. Infact it wasn’t just this domain, but all domains on my VPS. It wasn’t just comment posting but posting about any form. It didn’t throw up any errors, though users would get blank pages in firefox, or the Zero Sized Reply error. Well I tried a lot of things, including upgrading to PHP 5.2.1, disabling eAccelerator, Zend Optimizer etc. but the stupid problem just wouldn’t go away. At the height of my frustration I asked my host FutureHosting to move to a new freshly installed VPS, which is what we did whole of last night. I ordered…

  • Site Activity

    Upgraded to PHP 5.2.1

    I upgraded PHP on my VPS to 5.2.1. Had to patch the cache.php file as it throws up errors. I hope that the upgrade to 5.2.1 solves the commenting problems that people are facing. If you do notice anything out of place on the blog, please do drop in a comment / email. Thanks.

  • Plugins,  WordPress

    WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan is out

    WordPress today released v2.0.5. This release has been named Ronan after Ryan Boren‘s son. There are a huge number of fixes as well as some security related ones. Hence, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your installation. Mark’s got quick list of changes in 2.0.5 if you want to review in short what has changed. I’ll try and see if I can churn up a list of modified files between 2.0.4 and 2.0.5. Until then you may want to upgrade your installation. Update: It has been reported that some users are facing a “Server 500 error” after upgrading. If you face this problem, you will need to install the…

  • Computers & Technology,  Personal

    Now 360GB

    Just upgraded my computer once again by adding a 200GB Maxtor Serial ATA hard disk drive now bringing my total hard disk space to 360GB. The reason I finally took this decision was because once again my Samsung 160GB developed bad sectors. In addition to getting a replacement I realized that it was high time I got myself another drive. Had originally wanted to go in for a Seagate or a Western Digital, however due to their non-availability went in for the Maxtor. It’s reputed so I am not complaining. Well ofcourse that means a lot of reinstalling to do. However, considering that Windows XP Pro installs in 15minutes, I…

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