VPS Moved

I’ve been plagued with comment posting problems for a long long time now.

Infact it wasn’t just this domain, but all domains on my VPS. It wasn’t just comment posting but posting about any form.

It didn’t throw up any errors, though users would get blank pages in firefox, or the Zero Sized Reply error.

Well I tried a lot of things, including upgrading to PHP 5.2.1, disabling eAccelerator, Zend Optimizer etc. but the stupid problem just wouldn’t go away.

At the height of my frustration I asked my host FutureHosting to move to a new freshly installed VPS, which is what we did whole of last night.

I ordered a new VPS and they moved all my domains for me as well as moved the old IPs to the new VPS to ensure that there was no downtime at all and no propagation delays as well.

I’m impressed by their service, because I can be quite a pain at times! Will definitely recommend them if you are looking for a VPS. They have prompt service and great uptime.

I haven’t seen any problems so far, but if you do run across any bugs here or a problem of any kind, especially if you are facing problems commenting, do mail me or try to leave a comment below.


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  1. hey Ajay, I wanted to ask you this. Will there be any impact on site ranking if we change our hosting. Does the spiders will take it wrong with new ip address? the previous search index will be lost or? sorry for two many questions. I’m collecting this information since I’m planning to switch the host very soon

  2. No, you wont face a problem when moving hosts, as long as your domain name remains same.

    While moving, I suggest you first get the new hosting account and move all the files and databases to it first.
    After this is done, change the nameservers of your domain. People will start coming to the new site automatically. After two or three days delete the old one.

  3. Thanks Ajay. I had a assumption that search engines use IP address to index the content and modifying that will have impact. Hopefully I’m clear now:-) Thanks again.

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