A good beginning

Today the first day of actual work at L&T.

I left my house my 7 and went to Chetan‘s place by bike, after dropping my bro off to college.
We have to walk a little, and we were at the L&T bus stop by 7.25am itself. This proved to be too early, as the bus came only at 8am. I was lucky to get sitting place in the bus, though the journey was quick and we were at Gate 5 by 8.10. Very early for work:smile:

We were split into groups of three or four, into what is called “buddy” groups. My two buddies are Jyoti, who was with me in SPCE Etrx, and Santosh who is from VESIT Extc.

All the groups were asked to give an introduction of the group. Talent among the GETs is tremendous and we could see quite a few skits and other innovative ideas. We aren’t really “acting material”, so decided to just introduce each other. Santosh is quite a fun guy and I gave a fun introduction of him. Jyoti told a joke (didn’t know this side of her). We kept the crowd laughing.

The introductions were interrupted for the tea break and then the inauguration of the OP followed by the addressal of our expectation queries listed during the Expectation session on Saturday, by Mr. Kulkarni.

After this they had the cutting of an amazing chocolate cake, which we all shared in eating:grin: Yummy:O
We also had coffee from a vending machine.

We had the completion of the introductions after this followed by a declaration of the winners of this.

I was completely stunned when the three of us were declared the WINNERS of this. We got cute soft toys (it’s lying here next to my comp) and small red bows, which I shall treasure always.

This was followed by a session on HR Initiatives by Mr. Warde, which was really fun, but which was completed after lunch.
Lunch was good as usual and we had skits after lunch.

We were divided into groups of twelve for each skit and were given only 15 minutes to prepare. My group gave the most impromptu skit ever, with me as narrator. We didn’t win this prize, but we had the time of our lives and also got to know each other much better.

We had a session of Medical Services and on L&T Culture and finally day end by 5.20pm. We had to run for our bus, missed it, but got into the Versova one, which took us close enough to his house and I’m back home updating my blog.

Today was great, though tomorrow will be very tiring as our day will be upto 7pm tomorrow:((

L&T totally lived up to its name Lunch & Tea unlimited, as we were fed not just lunch and tea, but also coffee and cakes:grin: I’m loving it here, and I’m sure it’s just going to get better.

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  1. Man Ajay im so happy First of all CONGRATS on ur new job and secondly im happy u have updated ur blog was waiting for it Its just amazing C ya

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