At the end of the week

As the day draws near, I’m starting to get exceedingly frustrated. For once the days just don’t seem to move.

And I know I will write a similar post a few months down the line wondering how and where the days went by!

Have at a filled weekend yet again. I managed to make it for choir practice on Friday after a long long time. Learnt two hymns even before the practice started.

I went off to get my bro’s cellphone repaired on Saturday afternoon. Am going to get myself a new phone. Still finalizing the details. Any suggestions?

Went for the 7pm evening mass. Missed my morning lecture on Sunday morning because I just couldn’t wake up.

This time I am relatively happier with the AIMCAT, because the last two were disastrous!

Went off to watch Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest in the afternoon. A fantastic movie and a must watch. But you will need to have watched the first part to understand this completely.

The evening was pretty much lazy. I made sure I went to bed by 9.30pm itself and got a good night’s rest.

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