The Week So Far

This past week has been rather tiring and in some ways busy. That has been pretty much the case since Dad came down 🙂

Madam A came over on Monday morning for a bit of CAT studing, while in the evening I had to go for choir practice. We have been learning a few new hymns and the different parts for some old ones.

Tuesday was uneventful, but Wednesday made up for it.

Now that I am at home, my sleep patterns have changed drastically. I seldom go to sleep before 2am and unfortunately I have to get up before 8am!

Wednesday was no different. We had to go to three banks and so was ready before 10am. Set off first to HDFC bank in the area. I don’t really like the bank policies of HDFC, but I will admit their customer service is a lot better than most banks I have seen.
Have decided to keep my account with them only because of this. Then again… you never know!

Next stop was to Union Bank. Being the festival of Ganpati, they had puja in the morning (or so I assume) and so we got modak.

All our bank gallivanting lasted for more than three hours. Reached home mid afternoon and managed to get two hours of sleep before going for mass in the evening for the Novena.

Mass was great :D. A lot of us turned up and the singing was quite good.

Forgot to mention that I gave my bike for servicing in the afternoon because the engine seems to be heating up. Found out that the back wheel was jammed resulting in extra pressure on the engine. So got the bike serviced and picked it up after mass.

However, I don’t think the problem seems to have been solved because today the engine heated up again. Will have to get him to look into it tomorrow.

Today we once again set off for the Mahim clinic in the morning. Stopped over at my other grandmom‘s place in Khar inthe morning and then we headed off once again back there.

Had to wait for the report (which we didn’t get in the end) and so to kill time we paid a visit to OM in Sunmill Compound in Parel.
Picked up a few good Praise and Worship VCDs and DVDs.

Have finally got down to blogging today.

Have a few articles that I plan on writing about. Do keep reading.

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