Long week went by, another ahead

Monday to Sunday has been a long week.

Monday began with me rushing home after work to make it in time for choir practice. We were singing for Maundy Thursday and needed the practice.

Tuesday was the C&A Annual Party in celebration of us reaching (if not crossing) our sales target. This time it was held at The Residency in Powai. Gorged on the amazing food there. My size definitely doesn’t show my ability to eat 😀
And so was the desert … 😀

The party went on till past 10.30pm and we had to get back to work the next day on time!

Add to that I worked till 8.30pm on Wednesday! Was a really long exhausting day indeed!

Thursday was equally bad. I had to leave early cause of Maundy Thursday and so had to do more in less time. Unfortunately, things went bad at the last moment and I was forced to go to work on Saturday. Had a relatively shorter day, but my Monday is going to be very very packed and I am expecting to work late on that day.

Like I said, we were singing for Maundy Thursday. The mass was good. Our singing was good inspite of not having enough practice.

Both Good Friday and Easter
I’m going to be a little critical about all the three masses this time.

Firstly, the hymn sheets. When making hymn sheets most people forget that usually the “He”, “Him” and the “You” refer to God and the initial letter has to be captitalized. One mistype is still OK. However, when all instances are missed then it shows you are not paying any attention or you jsut don’t know! I made the Maundy Thursday sheet and besides the look and the layout, I make sure that I don’t make this mistake!

Next, the singing. Though we always take new hymns, we usually make sure we teach them to the people. Unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to teach all of them this time, but I think we should have. Otherwise it just results in the congregation sitting quiet.

Now for Good Friday. The singing was moderate and could have been better. One thing that really irritated me was the version of “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”.
Those of you are familiar with the hymn will know it to be serious in nature. However, the choir turned it into a jive number, with the choir master literally dancing to it :O

Will commend them with their “performance” of Old Rugged Cross. The combination of the violin, guitar and the organ was excellent. However, in the end, it was just a performance.

Easter night mass was long, very long, almost three hours. Once again the singing needed more. The Glory was totally messed up. I’m not sure if the playing was wrong or the singing was but they definitely didn’t match!

Well, I can say more, but I don’t awant to be so critical 😉

Went out with Madam A for dinner after mass to Zodiac which happens to be the only place open at that time in our area. Had a schezwan bangda which was simply delicious. We ran into Stephanie and Jason over there.

Have spent all of this morning watching TV 😀 There is the Gospel Rock concert in the evening followed by a birthday party. Am going to make the most of this afternoon and sleep extremely well!

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  1. Interesting… you mention the “birthday party” exactly like that… in two words…

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