Ever since the beginning I’ve been using the WWW with this domain. I have even used .htaccess to redirect the plain domain to its www equivalent.

Inspired by no-www.org, I’ve decided to get rid of the www. I now validate as Class B.

Why the change? Just like that. Even sites like WordPress are doing it.

Unfortunately, an immediate consequence is my Silktide Site Rank has crashed to a measely 8.3!
And I am sure my Google page rank shall fall soon!

I have updated my Google Toolbar Button and those who are subscribed to my feed will find all the posts being marked as new, a direct consequence of the change in url.

The idea behind this is that since www is effectively a subdomain, I shouldn’t make the user use the subdomain, unless he needs to.

As for the WWW, it automatically removes the www and redirects you to the correct location.

What is your take on this?

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