Science, Engineering and Technology

What is the difference between the three was the second question that I was asked at the interview today. I’m hoping somebody gives me a convincing answer to this in the comments. Because, honestly, I’m clueless.

As, I mentiond, today I had the GDPI for XIM, Bhubaneshwar today; the venue was St. Xavier’s College.

St. Xaviers College

The group discussion topic was Union Budget 2007. I wasn’t as prepared and the rest of the folks were, and my basic knowledge turned out to be a big negative factor.

The interview was so-so or that is my evaluation for the same. But for the above question where I stumbled, minor confusion over the March 2006 tax that I paid and not knowing the various parameters for home loans from the bank’s perspective, the rest of the interview was smooth.

Now, I await the results, which are expected around March end, or early April. If they are in the positive, I’m going to be very confused about which college to choose.

If negative, well… you know where I am off to.

Btw, “What is the difference between Science, Engineering and Technology? Give me a layman’s example of it”

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  1. What is the difference between Science, Engineering and Technology?
    Science is the Principle
    Engineering is the process of creating a practical item using the Principle
    Technology is the result – a useful item using the Principle

  2. science is a collection of information,data,laws tested time and again and validated with proofs
    engineering is the practical application of science
    technology is the continuous upgradation of engineering.
    this is the only thing i could fathom…..:(

  3. Science: Investigation of the natural world to acquire knowlege of the natural world. For example Newtonian physics is a branch of science. A falling apple caught the curoisty of Newton . He then went ahead and conducted experiments and developed the three laws which proved gravity of 9.8 m^2/s existed on planet earth.

    Engineering: Is the applicaton of knowledge gained through science for benefit of society. For example civil engineers take into account the force of gravity while desigining buildings. Mechanical engineers take into account the laws of gravity while designing a rocket that would launch a weather satellite.

    Technology:are the products and processes created by engineers for benefit of society for example Buildings, Cars, weather satellite

    I hope this was helpful.

  4. Nice one Mario… it won’t really help though 😉 couldn’t you tell me this before I went for the interview 😛

  5. Budget, science, tech, etc. Knowledge of these comes with reading a variety of books/ newspapers and magazines

  6. Wow Mario excellent description. dont agree with the definiton of technology though…!! still yaar fab explanation!! 🙂
    hey ajay u din tell us anything abt the contents of ur online scmhrd course!!

  7. I would think this is a bit more trickier. For one, Engineering is the application of not only Science (and Math, etc), but also of the existing Technology. We use tools to design better tools.

  8. @Luna, I don’t the contents myself yet… hold on a while… I’ll be the first to post it the moment I come to know 🙂

    @Tony, that’s the problem I faced actually. That guy didn’t look to convinced about anything I said.

  9. Hi Ajay. I liked your article on Pune trip. Do visit my blog on reading stock charts. You will like it. ‘Cosmos’ by Carl Sagan will answer all questions on science, engg and technology.

  10. I guess that the interviewers were looking for a out-of-the box answer for yours? Like maybe Engineering is the Science of Technology?

    I was asked this before: Would you choose Health, Wealth or Wisdom? I replied \”I am wise enough to know that health is wealth\”. The interviewer sounded pleased.

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