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    Back to Mumbai after Exams

    My last post was in Mumbai. And here I am back again posting from my home city. Returned to Pune after Diwali vacation on 30th itself to make sure that we study for the Corporate Finance and Software Project Management exams on 1st. Well, study we did, but managed to mess up SPM 🙁 The rest of the week passed by with some good, some bad and some really really ugly papers. Well, January 3rd is the tentative date for the results. Had originally planned on leaving for Mumbai on 10th itself. However, I had to attend a student interaction session by the NAAC team. Symbiosis International University is currently…

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    Two down, Six to Go, Vacations till then

    Finished off my FSA paper on 23rd and awoke early Saturday morning for some last minute preparations for the SAP-BIW paper. This turned out to be a very comfortable paper to write in 90 minutes. Had a quick breakfast and got down to packing for my journey to Mumbai. I love travelling light and infact that is what I did. Picked up my laptop and a few essentials and caught an extremely crowded 11.15am bus from college to Aundh. Was fortunate enough to get a Metrolink volvo to Dadar immediately. Ticket prices were hiked considering that everyone is rushing to Mumbai for their Diwali vacations. The bus was quick and…

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    Home, N96, FSA and Luxury Marketing

    The last two weeks have been busy, as usual. Last week had a Software Project Management class followed by which I caught a Volvo to Mumbai to get away from the weekend long powercuts. Spend time with the special someone. Came back to Pune and immediately got down to work with my FSA case. Was called away by my director to help restore the contacts on his Nokia N96. After struggling for a good amount of time with trying to use Nokia Contact Manager to import the CSV file, I realized it was easier to do the transfer via Outlook Express and Nokia Sync. Everything went perfect. Got back to…

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    Life Updates as Promised

    I haven’t had much time to get down to blogging what I have been upto in the past month. Having celebrated my birthday in Mumbai, I headed back to Pune to get on with life. Had originally planned to come back to Mumbai on Thursday itself for Placements work. However, a thought improvement workshop interrupted these plans. The workshop was conducted by CGN. The workshop is actually a program by The Pacific Institute. I had originally planned on going into details for the same, but I guess most of the same is copyrighted and it would not be correct. In brief, the workshop covers topics like scotomas, Reticular Activating System,…

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    Is it only seven hours load shedding in Pune?

    From today onwards we have seven hours of load shedding. I’m not sure if this is in addition to the almost 48 hours of load shedding on weekends. As for six hours, the same is debatable. At around 4.30pm power was cut and its almost midnight now and there is no electricity. And, if rumours are correct there will be total blackout after midnight. Will post an update on the situation later. God! I miss Mumbai 🙁

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    Freshers and a Birthday Party

    August is always a high-activity month with a huge number of birthdays and other occasions. Freshers’ Party After being postponed several times, the Fresher’s Party finally took place on August 6. Dance parties aren’t really my favorite and this is usually no exception, especially when the DJ should pay for playing the trash he dished out! Without doubt, I spent a good portion of my time outside the venue, which was the SIU poolside. Food however, was better this time, with chicken added to the menu. Needless to say I ensured I ate well. Below is a photo of me with my date and below that is a photo of…

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    Interviews & Mumbai Calling

    Semester 3 is definitely lighter than the past two semesters, possibly because I don’t have admissions work 🙂 Have spent the last week interviewing juniors for the Corporate Communications Team. The interviews have been mini-ragging sessions in themselves. Some members of the junior batch are really bad, while some were really good. This time the selection procedure was better organized than last year. We have also finished of the first set of interviews for the Admissions Team as of yesterday. Next round for the shortlisted candidates is on Monday. One thing is definite about the interviews. It is easier to get into SCMHRD than to get into an SCMHRD committee.…

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    Back to SCMHRD

    Had originally planned on reaching college on 15th morning, however certain changes postponed my departure to the 19th. The last few days in Mumbai were extremely painful as the day to leave draw close! Set off for Pune at about 8.30am on 15th, got the bus around 9am and spent over four hours in the bus. It has been my longest journey to Pune ever and the bus guy decided to stop at every single place in an attempt to fill all the seats! Reported to the hostel, picked up my keys, dumped my stuff and rushed off to college to attend the Supply Chain Modelling and Design lecture which…

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    Two Years, Four Years, Two Months

    Had dinner at Sheesha which is on the terrace of Shopper’s Stop in Bandra. The place is dark and expensive. Food was good. So no complains. While we were there, the skies decided to open up and Mumbai got its taste of the monsoons this year. It poured cats and dogs for well over 30 minutes. I decided to spend the night at my Grandma’s place in Bandra itself. Came back home in the morning to find my internet down as usual. Went to work only by 2pm. With just a few days to go, it wasn’t such an issue 🙂 My darling Flame turned four on the 4th of June.…

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