The Easter Story

Easter this year is a little different from the past few Easters.
Firstly, I spent it alone, as my family is away and secondly, I went out for dinner with the choir and then mass in the morning!

Dinner was at Jade in Poonam Nagar and I went there first at 11 to make sure they don’t shut the doors before the rest arrived. It was partly Elton‘s treat and we payed part.

Had a big feast, with lots of noise, much to the irritation of the owners. But, they sure must have been really glad because we worked up a bill of over Rs. 1000:O and took home parcels of the remaining food :-S

After the wishes and goodbyes, I reached home by 1am.

Melody called around 2am to wish me and give me some amazing news (way too amazing to put out here!) and which has had me smiling all of today!

Awoke early to get ready for mass today. We were singing. Unfortunately, one floppy crashed and our good hymns went with it and so we ended up missing a few 🙁

Wished everyone and collect my Easter egg from Aunty Anita (she always gives us something for Christmas and Easter :grin:)

Sad note: Days of freedom are coming to an end as my mom arrives here tomorrow.

Sadder note: Lots of tests and submissions next week. Where’s the oil for my lamp:?:

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  1. Still smiling eh? Well you should be! Was that great news or WHAT?!! And I am right or am I right, as usual ??!! 😆

    ➡ Ok, now do us all a favour & forget everything else & get with the books already.

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