The Holy Week

This post just about sums up all of Holy Week.

To begin, we’ve had practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for our singing at Good Friday 2007.

Two things that we do and do good besides the singing are the hymn sheets and the dressing. This time I made the hymn sheets. It’s in PDF format for those interested.

Spent all of Wednesday morning with U. Conrad and James in church arranging for the printing work done as well as practice for the part of Pilate in the Passion (we were reading).

Changing from our regular choice of colors, we decided to go all black with white ties this year for the guys and white and black for the ladies.

White ties can be quite a problem and when you want ten of them, it can be next to impossible! So Thursday morning was spent hunting for white ties. We finally found them at a small shop at Andheri East station.

Thursday evening was spent at church with Maundy Thursday mass listening to an extremely chaotic choir singing unknown hymns from an error rigged hymn sheet. Folks making hymn sheets please remember that all pronouns referring to God is with a capital first letter!
As for my hymn sheet, it had two mistakes which I realized after they had gone for printing… can you find them out?

We had a complete run through of our singing on Friday morning.

That's me The Choir at Good Friday 2007

All the practice helped because as usual the compliments didn’t stop. But for minor microphone glitches, the Passion was perfect and Mom now thinks that I can very much be Pilate.

I didn’t go for Easter Vigil, because except if we are singing, I avoid the night masses. Went for the 8.45am mass today instead which was relatively short and sweet.

My internet problems have cropped up once again which is why I am relatively less online now-a-days. This time it goes on and off automatically!

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  1. @Ajay, looking kewl but the shot is quite dark..ur earlier post with ur new and old pic was better!! i guess u look good with a grand smile. 😉

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