The Rundown

June 17, 2004

Started the day with a shock.
Had to leave my brother for his class and he wanted to go by rick, instead of the bike. Succeeded in locking my Debit Card Pin by entering it four times incorrectly in succession:(:O

Gave my lens for servicing and then visited the branch (which required a long walk from station) :((
Was told that the disabling is for 24 hours and so began the patient wait. Got back home in a crowded busX(

Dropped in to say hi to Amita and her pal and Anjali as well before James and I rushed back to get ready for mass.

Mass was rather clueless and I announced an hymn incorrectly:oops:

Took Clayton with me to Melody‘s place after mass to drop in some speakers. Riding there was both dangerous and fun as I had my concentration levels at a peak as I battled the rain and the wind on my baby:roll:

Took him to Jade for dinner. This has been an expensive month and there’s a long way to go :((

June 18, 2004

As usual the net was down when I awoke and so had a terribly boring morning. My Pin worked today so was able to withdraw finally!

Went to college after that and collected my provisional certificate and also got my marksheets attested (had to wait half hour for this):eek:

Picked up my contact lens, bought a printer cartridge for me and cds for Clayton. The damn Bata showroom in the East doesn’t stock anything, so had to pick up a new pair of floaters from their West showroom 😀

Got back home and got ready for mass. We had the skit today and it went off really well. Playing the voice of God is great :smile:. Dropped Melita home after mass and a long ride.

Remembered that I needed to update my blog and so here I am…

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