The Two Stooges

Today I had a slight break from the regular college routine, in order to meet Clayton’s best pal Priya.
Priya and Clayton
Clayton & Priya

I had first spoken to Priya on Christmas Day, and finally Clayton called me over to meet her.

She definitely lived up to her hyped reputation by Clayton. Turned out to be a cute bubbly girl, with a passion for mobile phones and Lord of the Rings. Surprisingly, she hadn’t watched the first part, though she did watch the second and the third parts. Only one other person I know has watched the third part without the first two. But then again, she is not an LOTR fan and she did sleep through the Return of the King!

This post would definitely be incomplete if I don’t thank Clayton’s mom for the delicious food. It was veg, because Pri doesn’t eat non-veg during Lent, but it was excellent. 😀

I will definitely not use this post to praise Priya much, or I will have a rampage of curses from Clayton. Always known that he had a good choice of friends, and I am sure that he will cherish this friendship for a long long time.

He did leave her all the way home (Mazgaon) now, didn’t he:O

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