Two Late Work Days

Stayed back on both Monday and Tuesday due to work.

Monday was a strike by private transport operators and as a result our bus didn’t come in the morning. So went all the way to work by rickshaw with my two colleagues.

Work was great on Monday, though I did have to stay late to finish off some of it. Couldn’t get the trax for Airoli because they were full and so came with Mr. Mudit Goel in his Honda City.

Will comment that he was has quite an impressive personality. He too started work in Larsen and Toubro as a GET nearly 20 years back and stayed on. He currently heads International Marketting, a place I would like to work in if I didn’t love design 🙂

Anyway, he dropped me and Vinay off at Hirnandani, Powai and I caught a rick back home. Reached by 9.30pm and quickly had dinner and went to sleep by 11pm.

Tuesday was yet another work late. However, it was rather bad because I spent almost the full day in the shop floor and by the time I was leaving my legs were killing me!

Thankfully, there was the trax available, probably because today being Dussera, everyone rushed home early yesterday.

Caught a rick from Airoli straight back home. Thankfully, my company pays for my travel expenses when I work late.

And today is a lazy day. Woke up by 10am only and got online. Don’t really know what I am going to be doing. Probably do some studing…

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  1. Hi there!

    Here from Mel’s Blog!

    Thought I should wish another 2 year veteran all the best for the years to come hahaha

    Interesting place you have here…though quite techie 😉

    Will come back to browse around some more

    Have a great day


  2. Thanks Alex.

    I must confess I haven’t been to your blog.

    Should do so sometime soon.

    Though I think I a very techie, I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum here.

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