Top 10 v1.7.5

I released a new version of Top 10 last night, with one major feature upgrade. The plugin now supports multiple widgets, a feature that has been asked by many users of the plugin.

What can you do with this? Well, if your theme supports different sidebars / footers, you can add the widget to every sidebar you would want.

This feature addition is thanks to Jacob Dunn, who sent across the code for its implementation. I have quite a few plans for Top 10 in the pipeline, including:

  • Cleaning up the admin area to make it more presentable
  • Better CSS support, e.g. not using your theme
  • Different built-in styles
  • Using timthumb to display the thumbnails

If you would like some extra features, do comment and let me know. Until then, you can grab the plugin from here.

Update: v1.7.6 has been released that fixes a bug in the Daily Popular posts widget