WordPress Upgraded

Upgraded my blog to the lastest version of WordPress viz. 1.2.2. Quite a few bug and security fixes in this version, so this was kind off a necessary update. Also decided to change the theme of the blog. So, this is the new look. Made this background, because of Christmas. Will change it in the New Year. Have also installed two anti-spam plugins for the blog.

The first is Kitten’s Spaminator.

Spam prevention and blocking using tarpitting and strike counting. Comments are assigned strikes for spam content, and a comment that meets the criteria for spam is blocked from posting.

The second is SpamWord Block.

If activated, any comments that contain a Spam word will be refused immediately. This checks the comment text, author, URL, email, and IP (so, you can even block IP’s).

Hopefully, all my comment spam will reduce 🙂

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