After Fish Curry, it’s back to Pune

This post was scheduled for December 1st, but never ended up getting done.

Met up with a friend at Gajalee in Seepz for a sea food dinner. The prices there have already been steep and after the makeover, its gone steeper.

However, must admit that one dish is enough to fill two persons. Ordered a sweet corn chicken soup followed by fish tikka masala and some chapatis.

Caught the 6a.m. Volvo back to Pune, which has been my routine whenever I come here to Mumbai.

Attended lectures in the evening. They are so few that they don’t seem very interesting. However, we have to attend.

Sneha‘s boy was down so we went over to Mezzanine for dinner. The food situation out here seems to get worse by the day and it takes a lot of strength to even enter into the mess. (Now you know why they call it a mess!)

This situation is combated by regular dinners outside. Aditya, Sneha and me went to Tamanna on Saturday and this was followed by the same on Sunday as well and then McDonald’s on Monday.

Was summoned to the Director’s office today and two of us sent to Mumbai for placements pitching activities. Headed over to town for a quick stop at the company and headed back home.

Am going back tomorrow morning. Intend to catch the first bus out of town. Would have stayed more but carried absolutely nothing to assist me!

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  1. I read your headline three times before I realized it said “Pune” … I kept seeing it as “Prune”!

    So I was wondering why you ate prunes after fish curry, and what it would taste like, etc. … glad I read it again.

  2. @Cornelia Moore
    Hope you must know that PUNE is India’s best Study center. Best of technical colleges of India are there in PUNE.

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