Amway and Subway

I mentioned two days back that me and my dad were to visit an Amway seminar. Turns out that it wasn’t Amway, but this was actually conducted by Network 21.

Network 21 is a network of individuals who train you to sell the products. They are also the key people in helping you build your Amway pipeline.

The mathematics of the entire Amways sales process is extremely interesting. I’m no expert in it, and I doubt I ever will be, but by cutting down the middle man Amway is able to give you the profits. So, you end up getting paid to purchase and use their products.

The tier system is rather interesting. I’ll probably blog about this at a later point in time, when things are a bit clearer 😉

Anyway, I liked what I saw and have decided to slowly switch my buying habits to Amway products both at home and when I move to Bangalore in April. The main reason being the excellent quality of the products.

Try and test… like and use… don’t like… dispose!

Yesterday was the Chicken Tikka sub, so we happily picked three of those and came back home. Washed one each down with Thumbs Up, which still remains one my favorite drinks (Coke is for kids!).

The third sub was left for this mornings healthy breakfast. Gosh am I stuffed now. Don’t know what plans are for lunch or dinner. And, I’m off to Pune early tomorrow morning.

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