Drop Out of School and Blog?

Amit Agarwal today raised a very important question viz. Should You Drop from School & Make Blogging Your Career?

He says and supports the following statement with two reasons.

Frankly speaking, it may not be a very wise decision to leave studies.

And I agree totally with him.

I started blogging over three years back as an experiment and the experiment continues. Today blogging has turned out be a decent revenue stream besides making me a bit known on the web. (you do know me right?)

However, not once has it crossed my mind to make blogging the first and final profession at the cost of your studies.

Some argue that a degree doesn’t count and knowledge matters.

I’m not sure how things work in other countries, but one thing for sure in India, a degree counts and it counts a lot!

The first thing that is looked at when you apply for a job is your qualification, the degree and the rank you got out there. Your knowledge is only tested on the next stage when you go for the personal interview.

You may say, “But, didn’t we talk about taking blogging as a career. What job are you talking about?”

Blogging in India is still in its infancy. It still is hard to make it a regular income source (though some may have succeeded).

At the risk of sounding gloomy, the future is unpredictable. Blogging may be the best career option in the future or it may just not work out. In the event of the latter, you will need some backup plan and at that time the backup plan will be that college degree that you didn’t complete.

Then… well all the best!

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  1. Blogging as a carrier is too early in India and moreover its not a designated carrier, people would raise their eyebrows asking WTH are you doing.A mix would be rather good.part time blogging seems good now.Later things might change but not at the expese of carrier

  2. No one should drop the studies. Is like shooting your won foot because you’re bored.

    Study and blogging can go along and i see no reason why one shouldn’t do them both.

  3. the problem later is not only money in my opinion, but future spouse. If a high school student starts to become a problogger right now, how can he get a life and search for a life partner..? that’s another question to think about.

  4. Yes, Ajay I do agree with this that it is not a good decision to quit studies just to take blogging as a profession. In order to gain some knowledge it is important to finish ur education upto some degrees. I know tht u do blogging and still managed to join Symbiosis for MBA. So if u it is tht sm 1 wants to blog thn durinmg studies it should be there primary focus.

  5. The real challenge is going to be in another month, when I juggle both, but yet again, never studies for the cost of blogging for me.

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