How fast do you type?

How fast do you type?

Do you know how fast you type? You can find out now at

I took their online typing test and these are my results:

Test Name: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ
Date: 2006-10-25 22:14
Test Time: 03:00
Gross Speed: 72 WPM
Errors: 3
Accuracy: 98%

NET SPEED: 71 WPM also has software and games to help you improve your typing speed.

So what did you score?

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  1. Try TypeFaster.. Its damn good. I practiced on it for 1 hour a day for a week and now I can type without keeping an eye on my keyboard.

    I’ve mastered muscle memory !!

    Check it out !

  2. Here is where I am going to boast about my professional typing course long long back. Never look at my keyboard when I type 😀

    Typefaster seems like a good software. Have downloaded it. Will try it out now.

  3. Cool! Aj, thx for the links & the post. Tried out all four typing tests and unfortunately my typing speed was only about 55 wpm.

    Thilak, am going to take your lead & download Typefaster and practice too. Merci guys!

  4. Speed of typing will increase as soon as you know your finger placements around the keyboard.

    If you don’t need to look at the keys you will automatically save that much time.

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