Jersey Girl

I don’t usually comment on movies that I watch at home. This time it’s different.

Just finished watching Jersey Girl, a beautiful movie starring Ben Affleck (Ollie), Liv Tyler (Maya) and Raquel Castro (Gertie).

Jersey Girl

Ollie (Ben Affleck) is a top of his game N.Y publicist. He has a perfect life with a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. Suddenly things go astray and Ollie finds himself jobless and a single father. He’s forced to move in with his father played by George Carlin. Things start to look up for him when he meets another great girl (Liv Tyler) and learns that life sometimes throws you a few different directions and you can’t choose the path you’re given.

What really impressed me about the movie besides the storyline was the excellent acting of Raquel. Ben Affleck (who happens to be one of my favourite actors) is at his usual best. His acting as a single father is really impressive.
Loved the movie and enjoyed every single moment of it. Really recommend you go watch this movie if your in the mood for comedy and drama. Take your parents with you for it:O

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