Add to All v1.2.0

After more than two years, I decided it was high time to rework my plugin Add to All in order to bring it more compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. And, to also bring it out of an “abandoned” status.

The biggest change in this version is migrating the settings to the WordPress Settings API. It also brings a brand new tabbed interface for each of the settings. When you upgrade, please do visit the settings page and check that all your settings are properly migrated.

As usual, if you’re looking for support, create a new ticket in the Support forums.

Add to All Header Settings
Add to All Header Settings

Detailed changes in Add to All v1.2.0

  • Features:
    • Settings now uses the WordPress Settings API. Verify your site options by visiting the Add to All settings page
    • Site verification for Google, Bing and Pinterest
  • Enhancements:
    • Google Analytics code now supports cross domain tracking using the Linker Plugin
    • Updated code for Statcounter and Tynt
  • Deprecated:
    • Removed support for Kontera. If you’d like to continue using Kontera, please get the code from the Kontera setup page and then add this under Footer settings

Add to All v1.0.4

Last weekend I pushed an update to on of my lesser known plugins. Add to All is a simple, yet powerful plugin that will allow you to add HTML, JavaScript or CSS to your header, footer, content or feed.

This update pushes through a major change in the design of the Admin area. The Settings page should be cleaner, more responsive and better integrated in the familiar WordPress dashboard design. It’s also the change that I’ll be implementing across all my other plugins. I’ve also removed Wibiya which shut down in December 2012 and added Tynt.

If you’re frequently changing your theme and always worrying about adding your code back again, install Add to All and stop worrying about your stats not being tracked again!

Add to All

Changes in Add to All v1.0.4

  • Added: Support for Tynt
  • Modified: Removed Wibiya
  • New: Admin interface has been totally revamped to fit the look and feel of your WordPress Dashboard. Check out the new screenshots
  • Fixed: Potential cross site request forgery in plugin settings page

Add to All v1.0.3



I just pushed through an update to my utility plugin Add to All.

Add to All is a powerful plugin that will allow you to add custom code or CSS to your header, footer, content or feed. Add to All comes with out of the box support for Google Analytics, Statcounter, Kontera, with other third party services in the pipeline.

The main change to this version is the new Content options. This was mainly driven by my need to add Google Adsense before and after the content of the post without editing the theme. Besides Adsense, you can also add just about any HTML code in these boxes. Simple checkboxes will allow you to turn this on or off.

If you’re an existing user of Add to All, you should be able to update the plugin from within your admin area. Other users can follow the download link below.

If you’re using this plugin, do write a good review of the same. If you’re facing any issues, please open a new thread in the support forums.

Changes in 1.0.3

  • Added: new section for adding text / HTML to content of a post
  • Added: Enhanced link tracking for Google Analytics. View explanation
  • Fixed: After content settings in feeds were not working
  • Modified: Feed settings now work correctly in feed excerpts
  • Fixed: Plugin should now work without giving errors with WP_DEBUG on

Download Add to All
Installation instructions

Add to All v1.0.2



Add to All v1.0.2 is now available for download. This is one of my newer plugins, released in the last few months. The plugin grew as a need to incorporate several 3rd party services like Kontera, Google Analytics, etc. which need to stay in place no matter which theme I use.

Add to All allows you to do that and more. The plugin provides you options to incorporate Kontera, Google Analytics, Statcounter and Wibiya.

Additionally, you can add custom code to your header, footer or content and also your feed. Besides you can add a link to the post to your feed and more importantly a copyright notice.

Changes in v1.0.2

  • Added: support for Wibiya
  • Modified: Code changes to fix some language and PHP warning issues

Add to All plugin page
Download Add to All plugin


Add to All v1.0.1 and Better Search 1.2.1

I released minor updates to my two plugins Add to All and Better Search.

WordPress Plugin Add to All

Update to Add to All:

  • Fixed: Bug that stopped displaying content when plugin was activated

Update to Better Search:

  • Fixed: “Missing argument” error for heatmaps

Add to All is a new plugin I released recently that allows you to add CSS, JS and other code to your header, footer or content. It comes with inbuilt support for several third party services with several more to be added in due course.