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During one of our lectures last week, a lively professor was telling us about his MBA life at IIMA.

When asked about the tests that they followed he, as part of the conversation decribed the experience with five letters, viz. R-A-P-E-D.

We got a taste of that this Saturday.

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A Month at SCMHRD

It’s been almost a month since my last post. And it just goes to show how tied up MBA life has kept me. Based on feedback from seniors this is going to be the case for atleast another two or so months.

A lot has happened since then, and I’ll just be summarizing a few of the main events in this post.

To begin with, we had our foundation course exams. Principles of Management is a sure flunk, and that’s the case of most of the batch.

My maths paper ended up with hundreds of silly mistakes and clearing this seems to be a bleak possibility.

The financial accounting paper was an objective one of which we got the results the same day. Passed!

The other papers seems to be a case of pass as of now, so lets see how that goes. Results are out any of these days.
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The First Fortnight at SCMHRD

My course at SCMHRD began with the Induction ceremony on 2nd of June. The induction involved the Founder of SCMHRD giving his short speech followed by that of the MD of Maruti, who was the chief guest. These were followed by speeches by the Director and the the Admin head. After a short lunch break, we were presented with a short case study and then the introductions by the faculty.

With this, the day was wrapped up along with the promise of a long and lengthy Outbound Learning (OBL) Program on Sunday, the 3rd. Sunday the 3rd is a very special day for me and I was hoping to have spent it in Mumbai itself, but unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

Though we had to wake up early for the OBL, a group of us went out to Tamanna for dinner. The idea was to sink our teeth into non-veg, well atleast it was the case for around six of us.

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From Friday the 16th

Friday as usual was choir practice. This time in preparation for Saturday’s Silver Jubilee mass and Sunday 8.30am mass.

Managed to cock up “We are here to praise you”. Guess, I’ve got so much running through my mind now a days that certain older stuff just takes a while to recollect 🙁

Saturday was a relatively quieter day, atleast till evening.

Picked up James and headed over to Holy Trinity Church in Powai. Heading there wasn’t a problem at all because the roads were perfectly clear. Helped because we left only at 5.20pm for the 6pm mass!
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The Past Week

I’m so tied down with things it’s surprising how a person sitting at home all day long can be so busy!

Last Friday, I made it for choir practice after a while. Saturday was James‘ brother’s wedding. The nuptials were at our church, while the reception was at St. Andrew’s, Bandra.

Danced a decent amount. I still wonder about my two left feet two years back!

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