Thank you Murphy!

Well, Murphy was at his best today. Had my code working really well yesterday, but today it decided to not work!

Struggled with it till the end of the day and finally decided to leave it for tomorrow.

We have been praying for rains and our prays sure have been answered. I’m happy about the rains but just hate it when the roads get all blocked and we have traffic jams. X(

Got into a major traffic jam on the Jogeshwari – Vikhroli link road. Thankfully I don’t have to drive.

Reached near Seepz at 8pm and we were so fed up of waiting that Ashish and me just got off there and decided to walk it home.

It was raining when we got off, but 3 minutes later it began to pour, that even an umbrella or my jacket were not enough. Sought shelter for a while under a tree and then went as the rains reduced.

Reached the usual shortcut to find the road was flooded with a strong stream of water. Got my shoes all soaked. I had remembered to remove my socks earlier, so they didn’t get wet.
But, my shoes had a field day biting at my ankles :'(

Reached home finally, have had a good dinner and now I will be off to bed soon. Needa catch up on some sleep.

Murphy, please take some days off 🙂

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  1. Haven’t had the time to sit and update the blog, plus my internet connection as been down.

    Will do so sometime soon 🙂

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