The Battle is won; The Battlefield changed…

When I went to sleep at 1am on Monday morning, I thought I finally won the battle with my VPS for

To cut a long story short, when I checked my site yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, I faced major problems accessing it. When I was able to all I got was No posts and loads of 404s.

Couldn’t do much all day long but sat with it after I returned home around 7.30pm.

Tried restarting the server to find that mysql wouldn’t start. Seems I was locked out of /tmp even without touching it!

Thankfully challii from AS Hosted came to my rescue and patiently help me debug. Temporarily changed the /tmp location to get mysql working and I was able to take a complete backup of this site.

He then moved the site to an account I have here. (Helps to have your own accounts at several hosts).

However, awaking this morning I found that it still threw a database error. Found out that the database hadn’t migrated due to differences between the phpMyAdmin and mySQL versions. Fixed all that and I am up online.

I’m a little disheartened by the entire VPS deal. Additionally, the staff where I currently have the VPS haven’t yet responded to the ticket. I know I troubled them in the past, but this time I didn’t even touch the account.
Am rather irritated and may move to another VPS.

However, this is some decision that is going to take a lot of pondering, especially since I will have to pay atleast $50/mo for this.

I don’t know if the server here will bear the load, am going to evaluate this for the next few days and then take a decision.

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