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The Road to Hell is Paved with Bad Intentions


I’ve been silent over the reservation row that has (en)raged this country for nearly a year now, until today…

Today the Lok Sabha passed the OBC Quota Bill. The Bill proposes 27 percent reservations for Other Backward Classes (OBC) in Central Government-aided higher educational institutions, including premier institutions like the IIMs and the IITs. What is even worse is that this will include the Creamy Layer which in simple terms means the well-to-do OBCs.

Arjun Singh - The Man behind Divided India

The reservation row started when one old man Mr. Arjun Singh decided to create controversy. And what better method that to divide our already fragile country. He picked Rervations!

I am totally against reservations, but understand at times that this can help. However, what is beyond me is why do reservations have to be caste based. Why can’t they be economic based?

For those who haven’t read my blog earlier, I am a Catholic from a middle class family. I have always fallen in the Open Category. This has meant that throughout my life I have had to struggle to achieve even the bare minimum.

I remember very distinctly in SSC (Tenth) when filling up the forms how out of the blue several off my classmates turned out to be from reserved categories. It was strange because when they took admission they were in the general category.

These same persons today passed out from premier institutions because of or relaxed rules for reserved category students. It was (and still is) really frustrating because I always performed better them.

Our country received its freedom in 1947, i.e. nearly 60 years ago. Reservations were started some time later and were to be held for a period of 10 years. When will those 10 years finish?
If the persons in the reserved category still haven’t progressed, do you think that they will progress today?

With the passing of the Bill today what I expected indeed came through. Afterall who cares about the millions of students slogging it out everyday? Who cares about the General Category anymore?

I would really like to see reservations for us Open Category students. Atleast that way I will be assured of a seat.

And if you think that things won’t get worse, the same old man now intends to introduce a bill that will enforce quotas in unaided institutions as well as Private Sector companies.

There goes our Country down the drain. Or should I say watch it continue going down? X(

And they wonder why everyone is leaving the country and running away!

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