The Road to Hell is Paved with Bad Intentions


I’ve been silent over the reservation row that has (en)raged this country for nearly a year now, until today…

Today the Lok Sabha passed the OBC Quota Bill. The Bill proposes 27 percent reservations for Other Backward Classes (OBC) in Central Government-aided higher educational institutions, including premier institutions like the IIMs and the IITs. What is even worse is that this will include the Creamy Layer which in simple terms means the well-to-do OBCs.

Arjun Singh - The Man behind Divided India

The reservation row started when one old man Mr. Arjun Singh decided to create controversy. And what better method that to divide our already fragile country. He picked Rervations!

I am totally against reservations, but understand at times that this can help. However, what is beyond me is why do reservations have to be caste based. Why can’t they be economic based?

For those who haven’t read my blog earlier, I am a Catholic from a middle class family. I have always fallen in the Open Category. This has meant that throughout my life I have had to struggle to achieve even the bare minimum.

I remember very distinctly in SSC (Tenth) when filling up the forms how out of the blue several off my classmates turned out to be from reserved categories. It was strange because when they took admission they were in the general category.

These same persons today passed out from premier institutions because of or relaxed rules for reserved category students. It was (and still is) really frustrating because I always performed better them.

Our country received its freedom in 1947, i.e. nearly 60 years ago. Reservations were started some time later and were to be held for a period of 10 years. When will those 10 years finish?
If the persons in the reserved category still haven’t progressed, do you think that they will progress today?

With the passing of the Bill today what I expected indeed came through. Afterall who cares about the millions of students slogging it out everyday? Who cares about the General Category anymore?

I would really like to see reservations for us Open Category students. Atleast that way I will be assured of a seat.

And if you think that things won’t get worse, the same old man now intends to introduce a bill that will enforce quotas in unaided institutions as well as Private Sector companies.

There goes our Country down the drain. Or should I say watch it continue going down? X(

And they wonder why everyone is leaving the country and running away!

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  1. The question of reservation becomes more important when you consider India at the global level in competition with the world power.Already we are nowhere near the world powers.And this move will abyss the country into a deeper drain .So we should never raise the question why Indian research institutes r not at all producing results,Why DRDO is unable to deliver Indian army any competitive technology,Why India has to import all the key parts to develop their own planes, Why India cannot develop its own submarine,Why India has to sign a pact with the USA to get enriched Uranium? This Bill is a great move by the indan politician (Since it is totally politically motivated )since it will prevent India from growing in any field and India will never be technologically developed and will always remain a center of attraction for all the manufacturing companies of the world who are in search of new market.The story will not end with such a good climax.The USA, Russia etc will further dump their old ,out of date Fighter planes to India at exceptionally high cost since India cannot develop even such planes.This will further lead to weekly crashes like we have at present of MIG’s .And every time a pilot will die. In fact India should start making a tentative list of those who will die every week and their obituaries can be put in advance in the newspaper and accordingly we can decide the vacancies it will create in Indian Air force.This way the bill will help in generating more jobs(another advantage). Again someday China will attack India but this time we will have a good reason for loosing a war Which is \” We can’t compete with such a country who does not consider reservation at all\”.

    Other advantages of the bill are minor.Still I feel obliged to mention them.With the introduction of the bill in medical institutes, people will die not of heart attacks but heart surgeries ,not of diseases but because of medication ,\”Brain surgeries -God save us\”,So it will further help the country which is already struggling to cope up with such a big population.Population control will further be attained by Flyovers collapsing , Train collisions, accidents due to breaking of railway tracks (since they will not be able to meet the minimum standard but that does not matter since we are considering reservation which is a noble cause and every big development calls for sacrifice).

    And we, being Indian, are as usual ready for any sacrifices for the country.But all this could be avoided .Why do we need such a bill ? Instead we can have a bill which will provide everything free to the people who are backward.They need not to create such a chaos to get votes .They can simply distribute money among backward people to get vote.Nobody will object to that.
    Lastly I don’t understand why they are not passing womens bill in parliament for 50 percent reservation in parliament (since they account for 50 % of Indian population)and everybody knows the state of women in India was never good.And reservation would help in their upliftment.
    OOHH sorry i forgot , they will loose their own seats if that happened.
    But i guess we no more need it since women have already made some progress and already competing with men \”that too without Reservation\”.

  2. I think both of you missed highlighting one important point sufficiently enough. Reservations aside not one damn mainstream politician raised their voices against the bill. It just goes to see how all of us have been taken for granted, and will continue to do so. There is only one solution to this, increased public and judicial activation. As citizens we should push for accountability at all levels. Only when we start behaving responsibly as citizens will anything in this country change. After all hasn’t our so called “chalta hai” attitude cost us enough ?

  3. I think we all are painfully reticent over the issue of reservation.Except few Aims doctor, nobody seems to bother what these politicians are doing.Regarding the \”Chalta hai\” attitude mentioned in the Li’l white mouse comments,we can make a difference only if we are able to educate the masses since majority of population in India is still illiterate and cannot understand the impact of what these politicians are doing.And they just look at the benefit coming directly to them .So even if we find a right candidate and vote for him , it isn’t going to make any difference unless we make people aware of the impacts and aftermaths of the present policies adopted by various parties since illiterate people still forms the majority today.

    I still beleive that our politicians don’t want the masses to be literate .If they really wanted upliftment of backward class, they would have first applied this reservation in the primary education which would form the platform for the next step.But by directly applying these reservation in the Institutes of higher education and in public and private sector jobs,they just want to gain votes by dividing the society.They are not taking the same stand in this case like they have taken in women literacy campaign .They want the people of India to be Illiterate and Divided.

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